Bite-sized Album Review #2: Denzel Curry’s ‘TA13OO’

According to Google, my first recorded instance of anything relating to Denzel Curry’s TA13OO is me looking at the lyrics to “Cash Maniac” 6 days after the album came out. I don’t know why I was looking at the lyrics to that particular song, but I can tell you that I’ve looked at the lyrics to songs from TA13OO many times since then. The album is one of my favorites; a journey through the ups and downs of fame and public visibility, TA13OO is a well-crafted project by the super talented Denzel Curry (who I hope to be friends with one day) that holds nothing back. And you get A LOT for a project that’s only 43 minutes.

Cohesiveness of Sound

The songs on the album are split into three different sections – LIGHT, GRAY, and DARK – but it’s unclear, sonically, why they’re split along their particular lines. For example, the songs in the dark section of the album sound like they should be there. They have very haunting heavy, and claustrophobic instrumentals and knife-sharp bars to match. And the first song on the project, “Taboo,” sounds like it would fit right in to this section of the project, but is instead in the LIGHT section. So it gets a little muddy. Other than that, the songs on the project sound amazing together. We get a good glimpse of Denzel’s range; he can go from more groovy instrumentals like on “Black Balloons” to more heavy, rock-leaning instrumentals like “Black Metal Terrorist” or “Vengeance.” And I think in a time where there’s a little bit of a promotion of sameness, having this kind of diversity only works to put an artist further in front of the pack.

Cohesiveness of Story

Like I mentioned before, there’s a very clear journey through the ups and downs of fame and publicness that Denzel comments on with this project. He starts off with songs like “Sumo” and “Cash Maniac” that glorify the chase of money and fame and moves into songs like “Clout Cobain” or “Mad I Got It” where he talks about the dangers of falling into the traps of fame and how artists can be taken advantage of by the people around them if they aren’t careful. Then he moves into songs like “Vengeance” where he’s taking back full control and is coming after the folks that tried to play him before, making it clear that Denzel is in complete control of where he wants to be as an artist, and is unwilling to sacrifice himself or his goals. And it’s worth mentioning that JPEGMAFIA and ZillaKami GO TF OFF on “Vengeance”!!!!!

I also must add that I LOVE a very clear beginning and end to a project, and the way that “Taboo” starts and “Black Metal Terrorist” ends is perfect. A softer beginning to get you into the project, and an almost rapid decent/come down to end it. It’s brilliant.

Vibe Check

I think that Denzel does a great job of pulling you into the different worlds that this album creates. One minute, you’re trying to stop yourself from doing the Electric Slide to “Black Balloons,” and the next minute, you’re raging in your room to “Black Metal Terrorist.” It’s definitely a complete experience to listen to this project, and it almost necessitates that you listen to the whole thing all the way through.

3 songs i dig…


fave bar from the project:

“Do things that I don’t see violent
Stick a nigga up cause I’m mad he got it”

(such a simple bar, but so powerful in the context of the song and the album)

Overall Review Rating

(listen to TA13OO on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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