Bite-sized Album Review #4: DaBaby’s ‘KIRK’

First time I heard about DaBaby was during a podcast I watch in the mornings; the hosts were talking about how DaBaby beat up Cam Coldheart – literally knocking this man out of his pants. I hadn’t heard any of his music before then – yes, not even “Suge,” even though it was BLOWING UP at that time – but I remembered sympathizing with DaBaby. If somebody ran up in my face, bothering me while I’m tryna be a proper member of society, I might have to smack somebody up, too! After that, I finally listened to “Suge,” and I’ve been doing the little dance randomly during the day ever since. DaBaby is a special guy. He’s super talented and has a way with comedy and how it comes out in his craft that is super refreshing and, we love to see it. I think he still has a lot to show us as his career continues, and I think we get some little glimpses of it in KIRK.

Also we LOVE southern black folks ❤ so shout out to DaBaby for that as well.

Cohesiveness of Sound

I think from the moment DaBaby came into the mainstream with “Suge” and Baby on Baby (I haven’t listened to all of Baby on Baby yet, though; go ahead and cue the boos), he has been known as a pretty consistent guy, and I think that follows him on this project as well. There are definitely songs that I like more than others, but overall, the project is solidly good all the way through. He starts and ends strong.

Cohesiveness of Story

For me, there isn’t a very clear connection between the songs on this project. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Having something to grab into, as far as theme goes on a project, just adds to it for me, and that wasn’t there for me on this one.

Vibe Check

This album is an entire VIBE and I have nothing else to say about it.

3 songs i dig…

“TOES,” “GOSPEL” and “XXL”

fave bar from the project:

I keep one in the head, if I don’t let off first
I’ma dive to the side when I shoot back
Yeah, I’m comin’ like Blade in this bitch
Fuck around, and walked out in a trench coat
They gon’ have to put me with the greats
Wanna fuck with me, she gotta wait

(he shut the xxl cypher DOWN with this!)

Overall Review Rating

(listen to KIRK on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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