Bite-sized Album Review #5: The Weeknd’s ‘My Dear Melancholy,’

Unfortunately, I was introduced to the Weeknd by my high school crush, who ended up being one of the worst people I’ve ever encountered. Fortunately for me, he had a decent taste in music. I was a really big fan of Drake at the time (I have since banned Drake from my playlists because he has a very gross relationship with underaged girls he shouldn’t be texting), so my former crush wanted to introduce me to the Weeknd, who had – at that point – received a strong cosign from Drake. And of course I loved what I heard immediately. We used to talk about his music, while we worked on our classwork (read: while I let him copy off my work because it made me feel special when he smiled at me) . And I’ve been listening to him ever since. So it’s been about 9 years. Although I was probably too young to be listening to Abel talk about the things he was talking about in his songs, I was absolutely in LOVE with how dark and intense it was. It happened to match very well with the angsty phase that I was in. However, in the years following the release of Trilogy (2012) and Kiss Land (2013), I became a little disappointed with what Abel released. As his fame SKYROCKETED after the release of “Earned It” from the Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) soundtrack, his sound moved from the dark and intense one that I had come to love and into a more mainstream pop radio sound. And I wasn’t really into that sound at the time. Of course, I had found songs I liked within the ones he released in that two-ish year period, but overall, it seemed like he was moving swiftly away from the sound that made me fall in love with his music in the first place. So selfishly, I was very excited to hear that sound come back in My Dear Melancholy.

Cohesiveness of Sound

Even though I experienced a little disappointment with the Weeknd’s previous releases (not that much, but just a lil’!), he has always had a very consistent sound. The instrumentals and vocals have always been spot on, and he brought that cohesiveness with him to My Dear. From the very first song, the album comes together smoothly, moving the listener through Abel’s heartbreak and angst with ease. Each song has a distinct feel to it, but they work together without anything sounding out of place. 

Cohesiveness of Story

I think it’s pretty difficult, at this point, for Abel to have a hard time talking about his heart being crushed by a woman or his inability to love again. He’s been doing it for YEARS. So I didn’t expect anything less on this project. The songs do deal with differing aspects of fleeting love (for a little variety!), but the message is the same: love is trash, and Abel’s ready to be out in these streets. He isn’t so much telling a story from beginning to end, but the cohesiveness of the “love is trash” theme holds everything together. 

Vibe Check

I immediately go very DEEP into my feelings every time I listen to this project. And that’s the vibe lol

3 songs i dig…

“Call Out My Name,” “Privilege” and “Try Me”

fave bar from the project:

“Blues away, way, way
I got two red pills to take the blues away”

Honestly….”Privilege” is just SUCH a good song all the way around, so the whole song is my fave bar from the project.

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Overall Review Rating

(listen to My Dear Melancholy on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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