Bite-sized Album Review #6: Carter Ace’s ‘Music’s Better Than People’

As we’ve already discussed, when my Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify comes through, it really comes through. I began listening to Carter Ace around 2017 or 2018 – during the time where I wasn’t using my savior Last.FM, so I have no specific dates to offer. He had a great voice, great instrumentals, and seemed to be overall super talented. But, just like Latrell James, he kind of fell off my radar for a little bit, until I was reintroduced to him while at work one day, through savior #2: Spotify Discover Weekly. I was washing toys at the daycare I was working in at the time, when the funkiness and grooviness of “I Think I’m Normal” took over my body. I had it on rewind for the hour and a half it took me to finish washing the toys (about 5 gallon buckets worth of plastic cars, plastic food, and trains 🙂 ). From that point, I didn’t allow myself to lose track of Carter Ace or his music again, so I kept a close ear. About a year later came Music’s Better Than People, and it became an instant mainstay in my daily rotation.

Cohesiveness of Sound

Anything that Carter makes is good lol and that’s really not an exaggeration lol. You can feel the love and passion that he and his bandmates have for creating music and creating together. There’s not necessarily a flow of sound from one song to the next, but I think that’s one of Carter’s strengths. He is very good at moving fluidly through different genres, and for me, that is the mark of an artist. It takes a special person to be able to put sounds together like that and create a unique experience and unique world with each track. There’s longevity in being able to traverse different musical boundaries and bend the sound to do what you want it to do.

Cohesiveness of Story

I wouldn’t necessarily say that there’s a very cohesive story being told in the space of MBTP, but I don’t think that’s the point. I think it’s just a collection of songs for you to vibe out to, without needing to pay too much attention to what story Carter might be telling. I do think that it lives up to it’s name, though. For me, where music transcends humanness is its ability to allow room for you to express things you wouldn’t necessarily be able to outside of that musical space. Carter talks about a bunch of different things, including love and loss, that are hard to put into words to express to another person. This project allows him to do that, and he does it well. So if anything, there’s a cohesiveness of theme. So maybe that’s the story?

Vibe Check

Carter is the vibe lol

3 songs i dig…

“You You You” “Where’s Yo Mind” and “That’s How Life Goes (C’est La Vie)”

fave bar from the project:

If I loved you before
Then I love you forever

(and that’s that on that!)

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Overall Review Rating

(listen to Music’s Better Than People on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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