First Listen #7: Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Eternal Atake’

I love Lil Uzi Vert. I’m not even really referring to his music – I’ve only heard many 5 or 6 of his songs (plus a bunch of features), so I can’t really fully call myself a fan of his music – I just love him as a person. He really is in his own lane and exists in it fully. And that’s something that I have always appreciated about people who make things. He also just gives us quality internet content, fire fits, and just seems like such a nice guy. His personality is so refreshing, when a level of conformity seems to be needed to make it to his level of hip-hop (?) starpower. So of course, when I logged onto Twitter for the first time in many weeks (it’s such an exhausting place lol), I was very much happy to see that Eternal Atake had been released today. 

After a moment of slight confusion where I thought that “That Way” was the first song and realized that Spotify was actually on shuffle, I was finally able to start listening. “Baby Pluto” was fine – not as good of an intro that “That Way” would have been. I also liked  “Lo Mein;” I’ve been really into people starting the verse before the production really comes in. “You Better Move” almost made me turn the project off because I wasn’t really here for the Zune slander LOL! I was a VERY devoted Zune owner (I had a regular one and a Zune HD that got STOLEN at a BAND concert in high school…I am obviously still upset about it lol). I think “Homecoming” was the first song that I actually liked liked from the project. The flow was different than a lot of what had been on the project so far (which was only 2 other songs, so take that lightly lol). As I’ve already said before, I’m not really into skits on a project – sans Late Registration (2005) – so the skit stuff kinda throws me a little bit throughout the project. Not a huge fan of that, but I do get that it helps create a more immerse experience. It really just makes it annoying to listen to over and over again (I’m relistening to the project as I write this, and the skit came on as I was dragging it, and I felt real bad LOL). 

“I’m Sorry” wasn’t my favorite song, BUT I really think Uzi shines on songs like this. He’s just such a genre-bending artist that he kind of NEEDS to be on songs like this where he can really experiment with that. I love Uzi on a rap beat, but I love him even more on a pop beat. 

“Prices” was such a surprise! I’d seen that Travis Scott was letting Uzi sample “way back,” but I didn’t make the connection that this was that until I vigorously looked it up and realized that this was THAT! So off the strength of my love for the sample and my love for Cudi, “Prices” was a quality song. I honestly could have done without some of the extra background vocals, though. Some of them felt a little out of place. I DID love Syd’s vocals on “Urgency,” though! I didn’t realize how much I needed a song with the two of them, but I did. I love the softness of Syd’s voice paired with Uzi’s – it’s a really really pleasing sound. I also just……love Syd! And I want her on more projects in 2020. A solo project perhaps?????

 “Secure the Bag” was another really good song from the project, but mostly from an instrumental standpoint. It felt very haunted and heavy, which was a GREAT segway into the SURPRISE that was “P2”!!!!!!! “Secure the Bag” reminded me so much of “XO Tour Life,” but I did NOT expect “P2” to bring us back to full #sadboi vibes for 2020! But honestly, this is the perfect Uzi song. Not that we need 100 “XO Tour Life’s” (but who would be mad??), but there’s just something about how the instrumental and his voice come together on these two songs that do something for me that the other songs don’t. For the other songs on the project, it felt like something was missing, but this one was the first song that actually felt complete. And maybe that was the slight nostalgia from me listening to “XO Tour Life”  for an entire 4 month period, but it really just works, and was the perfect way to end the actual album. 

we must revisit this.

(There were a couple of songs – a lot of songs lol – that I didn’t mention because they were fine…I didn’t really have a lot to say about them)

On the bonus tracks: I didn’t really like “Futsal Shuffle” when it was first released, but it’s really good the second time around! “That Way” did come out as a VERY STRONG favorite from this project. Similar to “I’m Sorry,” there’s just something about how Uzi’s voice works with pop instrumentals that is really just undefeated. And there’s the nostalgia factor of the Backstreet Boys sample. 

All in all, Eternal Atake was a good album. I don’t know how many times I’ll revisit it (or if I’ll ever listen to the whole thing again), but Uzi gave us an experience like he usually does. I will always appreciate how willing he is to experiment and push boundaries. The only person in Uzi’s way is himself. And that’s that on that. 


It’s now a couple of days later (we love a story continuation), and Eternal Atake Deluxe aka Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World 2 has come out! And to be HONEST, I liked this better than the initial. I didn’t take extensive notes on it because I was in the store buying food and looking for Clorox wipes (LOL there were none) and had the project on in the background, but from the very first song, I felt a stronger connection to this project than the initial release. Which I’m very surprised about. I was a little nervous about Uzi dropping something new so soon, especially after not being completely wowed by EA, but he must have had the new songs locked in a vault or something because they sound so good! I love the features on it. Uzi sounds like he’s completely in his bag, and there are some songs on there that I’d be down to listen to again! 

LOL one of my favorite videos on the internet. i LOVE him!!

Either way, we got a bunch of new Uzi in a short period of time, which means that we’ve been eternally blessed. And that’s all I’m really asking for.

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