Bite-sized Album Review #7: Juto’s ‘Wool’

Much like most of the things in my life, we have the good folks over at Odd Future to thank for my introduction to Juto. Scrolling through Instagram one day, I happened upon a post from Taco; he was starting his own label – Re7ax – and introducing the first artist he signed to it – Juto – and the first project that was being released through the label – Velvet (2019). After placing all of my faith in Juto having a great face and Velvet having a great cover, I decided to listen to the project, and I loved it. I loved the mix of R&B, indie, and rock that influenced Velvet, and I appreciated having someone new to listen to. Also “Homebody” instantly became a my go-to song and is my favorite from the project. So naturally, after having all of this excitement from the first project, I was very much here for Juto releasing another project less than a year later. And luckily, Juto managed to again bless us with something amazing that I enjoyed as much as I did Velvet. And to prove it, I spent the proceeding hours after Wool came out transcribing the lyrics for Genius lol.

Cohesiveness of Sound

Similar to with Velvet, Wool‘s entire tracklist is solid. And I think a lot of that can be owed to how short it is, coming in at just 7 songs, the project is not even 20 minutes long. You really could mess around and listen to the entire project 3 times in an hour, if you’re not careful. And I think that’s the best part about this 7 song strategy. I feel like I get to know the songs better, when they’re aren’t so many of them. I can replay a song I wasn’t sure about on the first listen to see if I really didn’t like it, and I can replay my favorites without feeling like I’m experiencing any early onset exhaustion. Juto is also really really good at creating catchy hooks (a la “Night Text” and “FAF”), so it’s easier to learn the lyrics because there just aren’t that many to learn. And I’m more likely to want to listen to a song I know the lyrics to, rather than one I don’t know any for (which might be slightly problematic lol). Sonically, the project overall sounds amazing. Even the songs that aren’t my favorite (“Hooked,” “FAF,” and “Peakin”) still have amazing instrumentals, so I don’t mind listening to them.

Cohesiveness of Story

Similar to Carter Ace’s Music’s Better Than People, I don’t really think that there’s a cohesive story being told through Wool, though it’s clear that the overall theme is love (and lust). There are songs like “Ceremony” that are on the sweeter side (similar to the vibe on Velvet) and songs like “Move RN” and “$Price” that see Juto coming out of that sweetness and moving into something a little more passionate and sensual, which threw me for a little bit of a loop when I heard it the first time (I had to clutch my PEARLS). So even in that small period between the two projects, we can see Juto experimenting more with his sound and the subjects of his songs, which I can appreciate.

Vibe Check

“Ceremony” makes me feel like I’m sitting by the ocean with my feet in the water. I’m very sure that I got goosebumps the first time I heard it (but since I can’t remember, Wool doesn’t qualify for my automatic Vibe Check 5 rating rule lol). The production alone is gorgeous, and it really was a great ending to the project. So off the strength of “Ceremony” alone, Wool is getting a 4.5 lol.

3 songs i dig…

“Ceremony” “$Price” and “Move RN”

fave bar from the project:

You know you’re the one that I’ll be lookin’ to
In dark times, tell me when it’s our time
You know you’ll bring love wherever
You go you emit light, cherish in all this life

I guess I’ll go cry now!

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to Wool on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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