Top 5 from the Week #4 (ft. The Weeknd, Dreamer Boy, The Donnas, Silverchair, and The Distillers)

Despite the tragedy that is Miss Rona 2020 (aka CO-VID aka the Coronavirus), I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in a lot of GREAT music over the past couple of days. I just got done listening to Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20 – First Listen soon come – and I’m still crying in the corner of my room over the beauty that is After Hours by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. Maybe eternal quarantine isn’t so bad??? But also I’m over IT lol. Here are the songs.

“Until I Bleed Out” – The Weeknd

I’ve already talked about this song on my last First Listen, but I really just need to reiterate how BEAUTIFUL this song is. I’ve had it on repeat since I heard it. The “I just want it out of my life / Out of my life, out” line cutes me DEEP. Here’s what I said about it when I first heard it, because this is the really best way I can describe it with actual words:

The album finishes with “Until I Bleed Out,” which by far is my favorite song on the project. But it’s also the saddest song for me on After Hours. Baby boy sounds really drained on this. He’s given all he can to the person he loves, realizes that she’s no good for him (or they’re no good for each other), but he also doesn’t want to actually live without her, and it seems like by the end of the song, he doesn’t live at all. It’s a heavy track, but it’s so beautiful. The swelling at the beginning throws me back into Trilogy-era. The chorus is heartbreaking. And really the perfect ending to After Hours.

First Listen: The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours

“Lavender” – Dreamer Boy

Before After Hours came out and stole all my attention, I had “Lavender” on repeat. I love the production on this; the verses are so so smooth. It’s really all around the perfect song. And I’m a sucker for a good love song with a little grooviness to it. I’ve never heard anything from Dreamer Boy before – and I’m kinda scared to, because what if the other songs aren’t as good???? – but I might have to take a look at their other stuff.

“Take It Off'” – The Donnas

I was listening to “Doll Parts” by Hole a couple of days ago and needed some more femme-fronted rock bands to listen to, and long story short, I was introduced to the Donnas. This song is quintessential early 2000s girl band music – and I LOVE IT. This is the kind of song I would have sung at really inappropriate levels with my friend in her in room had we known about it in elementary school. Everything that I was listening to, outside of the r&b and hip hop on the radio, was coming from Disney Channel/Radio Disney, and this would have fit right in. I don’t know if it was ever used on a soundtrack for anything, but like….it should be.

“Freak” – Silverchair

While searching for more song similar to “Doll Parts,” I was introduced to Silverchair’s “Freak.” The angst really popped out with this one. It reminds me a little bit, subject matter-wise, of Radiohead’s “Creep” and, sound-wise,” of Nirvana. So it’s like if Nirvana and Radiohead had a baby. And I’m into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some influence grabbed by Silverchair from either of those bands (I looked it up and there was in fact a lot of Nirvana influence, right down to the name of the band). I DON’T like that the woman in the music video is drinking sweat, though. Like…a lot of it. JAIL!

“Drain the Blood” – The Distillers

angst. Angst. ANGST. ANGST!!!!!!

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