Bite-sized Album Review #9: Buddy’s ‘Harlan and Alondra’

“That Much” was the first song I heard from Buddy, and I’m pretty sure it was another Spotify Discover Weekly find. Or at least I found it by chance. I loved the production; Buddy’s flow is great. And we love a Ludacris interpolation, which we get with the bridge interpolating Luda’s “Rollout (My Business).” But other than listening to that and “Black” (when it dropped as a single), I didn’t listen to much of Buddy’s music until he dropped Harlan and Alondra in 2018. I saw it pop up on my Spotify recommendations a couple of times for a couple of months and finally decided to give a chance about four months after it came out lol. It’s really an amazing album, and I recommend you listen to it, if you haven’t already. It’s a great introduction to Buddy’s music.

Also I just found out that Buddy’s a September Virgo like me, and now I have no choice but to stan for life lol.

Cohesiveness of Story

The album gives us a look at Buddy’s life growing up in Compton. And he does a good job of creating a balanced story. I think anyone that’s a fan of hip hop has heard the story of south LA a dozen times. It’s a story that typically centers on gang and drug violence and a celebration of people who have been able to make it out. We get a little bit of that with this project on songs like “Trouble on Central,” but Buddy makes it a point to offer up some optimism and excitement for life on songs like “Hey Up There” and “Shameless.” The project’s nostalgic, reflective, joyful, sorrowful, and determined all at the same time, and that makes for a great story.

Cohesiveness of Sound

Every song on this project is amazing lol. Buddy really shows us how easily he moves throughout different sounds on this project. From the “street gospel” of “Shine,” where Buddy flexes his VOCALS, to the funk-influenced production on “Legend” and the piano-driven trap production on “Black.” Also we CANNOT downplay how well Buddy can sing!!! And the features on this project back Buddy up perfectly. I’m always here for a Ty Dolla $ign feature, but Guapdad, Snoop, and A$AP Ferg are among the several featured artists on this project that really add to the fullness and robustness of it, without overshadowing Buddy who has no problem holding himself down.

Vibe Check

There are some BOPS on this project. Definitely found my shoulders moving and grooving on a lot of these songs.

Replay Value

I actually haven’t listened to the project in a while, but I listen to it on occasion. And when I do, I’m basically listening to the whole thing. It’s one of the those albums where if I’m going to listen to one song, I decide that I might as well listen to the other 11 lol. So the replay value is high!

3 songs i dig…

“Hey Up There” “Black” and “Real Life Shit”

fave bar from the project:

Still breathin’ (Yeah), gettin’ grown up
With my day ones (Shit), screamin’, “Fuck y’all” (Ha)
Got my cheese up (Yeah), thank you, Jesus (Man)
Take a deep breath, nigga, hold up

Featured Image Credit: Daniel Regan for RCA Records (

Overall Album Rating

(listen to Harlan and Alondra on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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