Bite-sized Album Review #10: JMSN’s ‘JMSN aka The Blue Album’

Wow, I’ve been listening to JMSN for a minute! He collaborated with the good folks over at TDE a lot around 2012-2013 (he was actually supposed to drop a project with Ab-Soul, but I think it got scrapped because they couldn’t work the release out. I’m mad about it to this day), so I found his music through them. And through The Weeknd’s music too, if I’m not mistaken. JMSN and Abel were making pretty similar music at the time (the slowed R&Pop that Abel influenced was something JMSN’s early projects really leaned into), so since I liked Abel’s music so much, I liked JMSN’s too. At one point, I wanted a Abel-JMSN collab so BAD. But instead, JMSN gave us some fire solo albums, which I have zero issue with. Including JMSN aka The Blue Album (2014).

some old relevant tumblr posts from 2013….i was so annoying LOL

Also quick note, I have changed the “Cohesiveness of Story” and “Cohesiveness of Sound” criteria to “Thematic Cohesion” and “Sonic Cohesion,” respectively. I think they reflect what I mean better and have less words lol. So you’ll see that language from now on.

Thematic Cohesion

I don’t know if the songs on the project necessarily directly relate to each other on a thematic level, though there are some conversations around love, celebrity, etc. that are present throughout a couple of songs on the project. If anything, I do think that the themes that this album addresses are very much similar to the ones on JMSN’s previous projects (Priscilla (2012) and Pllajë (2013)). So there is some cohesiveness in that regard, but I think this project is a mixed bag. Which I don’t hate. And it’s also not super far away from how JMSN seems to normally set up his projects.

Sonic Cohesion

This album is absolutely amazing. There are some slow R&Pop and R&B sounds that have migrated onto this project from the previous projects, but JMSN adds some funk and soul elements on this project that really WORK. Instead of each song sounding the same, I think this album is a good showcase of how fluid JMSN is in the sounds that he can create. So instead of there being a specific sound thats present on each song, from front to back, the project is solid and moves through various genres. They also have aged very well. I’ve been listening to the album the past couple days, and I feel like it’s the first time I’m hearing them! JMSN is so talented, it’s a shame more folks don’t know about him.

Vibe Check

This video sums up the vibes lol

Replay Value

Sometimes I forget this project exists because I don’t listen to JMSN anymore as much as I used to, but when I listen to this project, I’m listening to a pretty good chunk of it. I think there’s only 4 songs out of the 14 that I’m not super into. But I can essentially listen to the whole thing all the way through.

3 songs i dig…

“Bout It,” “Addicted,” and “Delay”

fave bar from the project:

See no one can predict the weather
Friendships get lost
See a legend might live forever
But what does it cost?
First you’re here and there and then you’re gone
You know that it’s your right to be wrong

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to The Blue Album on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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