chattin’ & updatin’ #1

Hey there! I was thinking last night (when I should have been asleep) that I needed something on thursday email where I could talk about updates to the site (and my life, but do y’all care about that? lol). I always place updates and stuff at the top of whatever story I’m currently working on, and sometimes I forget where I put those updates, so this will be a place for you and me to put the current status of thursday email and the person downing various amounts of tea and peanut butter crackers to make all of it happen. It’s basically like a newsletter that you didn’t ask for! LOL, I’ll post these every Monday! They’ll also probably have more pics and graphics and whatnot, but I started my day REAL late (i got up at 8am, wanted to get up at 7:30am, that’s the type of person I am lol), so I’m tryna zoom through this so I can do other things lol.

updates on thursday email

  • IMPORTANT-ISH: I’m looking for writers!
    • I’ve been running thursday email by myself for a couple of months now, and it’s been a GREAT time, but it’s also difficult lol. Writing, designing all of the graphics on the site, finding new things to listen to…it’s all a lot, in addition to my actual job, which has slowed down significantly because of the Rona, but still. It would be nice to be able to share the responsibility with folks; I also like the idea of starting something from the ground with other people! So, if you’re interested, hit me up. Email is in the About section of the site! I’d probably still be posting every week, but it’ll be nice to know that if I take a break, thursday email won’t also have to take a break.
  • IMPORTANT-ISH #2: Change in posting schedule!
    • Since coming home, I’ve recognized that I need to do some adjusting to the posting schedule. Sundays are kind of my family days, so I feel slightly trash for spending all day in my room listening to an album, writing notes, and then writing a thursday email story. So I’m basically moving everything back a day. It’ll now be:
      • MONDAY: First Listen
      • Tuesday: My Favorites of all Time
      • Wednesday: Take
      • Thursday: Album Look Back or Bite-Sized Album Review
      • Friday: My Favorites of all Time
      • Saturday: Top 5 from the Week
      • Sunday: I’m OFF LOL
    • Hopefully this adjustment will allow me to keep up with things better, because this week, I am once again, off track. I’ll update the home page of the site later today!
  • IMPORTANT-ISH #3: I’m putting together a small e-book of my poetry!
    • I’ve been wanting to do this for a while! Mostly out of boredom lol. It’ll be called “flowers, WEAPONIZED.,” and it going to be a mini-collection of about 5 poems and some accompanying collage graphics that I made for them. I don’t have a “release date” for it yet, but once I figure that out, I’ll announce it. It’ll be the first volume of poetry from me, so expect more! There will be a page on the site where you can view(?) and download(?) it. I have a lot of stuff to figure out, so hopefully next Monday, I can give you more details.
    • I guess it’s not really THAT new. I kind of unintentionally previewed this concept when I did those Kanye-centric stories a couple of weeks ago, as I transitioned from living in NY to moving back home to GA. I kinda liked doing it that way, and I wanna do more. So every couple of weeks or so, I’ll pick an artist/record label/artist collective to focus on, and I’ll spotlight some of their artists in a “Week Fulla Stories” (or a week full of stories). This mostly applies to the Album Look Backs/Bite-Sized Album Reviews, First Listens, and Top 5s for those weeks. The MFOATS may participate, depending on who I choose, and the Takes will always been non-specific (unless I decide I want to talk about something specific). The first “Week Fulla Stories,” will start the first week of May, and I’ll announce who those stories will be centered on during the “chattin’ & updatin'” for that week.

updates on me lol

  • I’ve starting learning how to play guitar! My fingers hurt so much!!!!
  • I have a BUNCH of new records that I want to start a new story series about. Or at least create a page that has some aesthetically-pleasing pictures of them.
  • I also bought my FIRST record player! I got the Audio Technica LP60X w/ Bluetooth. I was going to get the LP120, but I read up on what I actually needed and the specs on the LP120 seemed like they weren’t completely necessary. I probs won’t use the bluetooth on it that much, but I like having the option to use it, if I wanted to. I also got a set of Edifier speakers to go with them. Also bluetooth, ’cause they were VERY expensive and I figured if I was gonna spend that much on speakers, I should get some that I can use with other stuff too.

Alright, that’s all, y’all! I’ll be posting a First Listen AND MFOAT today (did I mention I was still off track?????), so look out for those. I’ll add a link to both here and here, once they’ve been uploaded.

C&U question of the week:

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