Top 5 from the Week #7: Songs for the End of the World (ft. Matchbox Twenty, Tyler the Creator, Tyler Cole, and Nai Palm)

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these! I didn’t realize it had been that long lol. In honor of my fakeness, we’re gonna do something a little different with this one. I’ve been recommending a lot of music to folks over on r/ifyoulikeblank on Reddit – if you see u/flowerboyt, that’s me lol – so I figured it could be cool to bring those recommendations over here to thursday email, as well. I haven’t been listening to a lot of singles lately – even though there are SO MANY that I need to listen to – so I figured this was a good way to get back into the swing of things.

I recommended the following songs based off of this post:

“How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox Twenty

I actually heard this song for the first time in elementary school. Actually, I just looked it up and it came out almost right before my birthday in 2007, so I was 10 years old when I first year it! Oof, 13 years ago….yikes. lol I used to go over my best friends house all the time (she lived in the neighborhood behind mine, so it was lit lol) and we’d hang out in her family’s basement. Her dad had a record/cd player/radio on the shelf that we would listen to music a lot on, and I remember listening to this song ALL THE TIME. I think they had the CD that this song came from, so we’d just listen to it over and over again on repeat. I don’t know why I was so attached to this song lol but I do really enjoy it. When I saw the Reddit post, this was the first song that came to my mind. It’s the perfect end of the world, “let’s reflect on everything before it all comes crashing down” song. I can’t speak to the quality of Matchbox Twenty’s other songs (never had the urge to listen to anything else lol), but this song has been one I’ve loved for a really long time.

“November” by Tyler the Creator

This was another one that came immediately to mind. I think the Flower Boy (2017) album as a whole is just really nostalgic and reflective, and this song rounds that out perfectly at the end of it. In it, Tyler questions everything and wishes for a time where things felt good; he urges the listener to do the same. I thought this was the perfect summation of the communal hours that we’ve all probably spent reminiscing on spending time with our friends, the concerts we lost our minds at, and all of the little interactions that we had with people everyday before the Rona hit. And I think that’s the important part of this song, Tyler (and the other folks he tapped for the song) isn’t wanting or wishing for the extravagant moments; he’s wishing and wanting for all of the beautiful small moments. #mood.

“The Government Song” and “Blow Up Your TV!” by Tyler Cole

Of course, I had to add a little bit of angst to the mix, and Tyler Cole was the perfect person to add. I really enjoyed his We’re in Love & the World is Ending (2017). I actually don’t listen to “The Government Song” or “Blow Up Your TV!” very often – “Sidney Poitier” is my song of choice from the project – but they’re amazing songs. I’m so into black folks making punk/rock music! And Tyler Cole does that SO WELL. There’s shit-talking about the government, media bashing, screaming of lyrics…it’s really perfect. There’s also a moment in “The Government Song” where Tyler moves from the hook to the bridge, and the change in tone of the song is *chef’s kiss*

(Bonus Song because I only recommended 4 lol) “Homebody” – Nai Palm

Whilst scrolling through my Spotify library to find songs to recommend, I was reminded of this GEM. I honestly forgot about this song, and OMG….what a MISTAKE. I listened to it a couple times and almost started crying. Nai Palm has such a beautiful voice and the guitar in the instrumental is pure g o l d. The moments where the additional voices come in to harmonize with Nai Palm on the hooks give me goosebumps every time (LOL who do I think I am? Travis Scott????). I was introduced to Nai through Hiatus Kaiyote (who you need to listen to if you haven’t!!!!) – she’s the front vocalist for the group. Their music is already so wonderful, so I was excited to hear what Nai would give us by herself. I think “Homebody” was the first thing to come out from that solo project – Needle Paw (2017) [2017 was a YEAR for music!!!] – and it got me so HYPE. I don’t remember liking the project as much as I hoped to, but I might need to revisit it because I don’t know if I got all the way through it or not.

here’s something else you might like:

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