chattin’ & updatin’ #2: the first ‘week fulla’ & more

It’s been a week already??? Time is really a social construct, huh? I guess the more abstract things in my life the better. How are y’all doing? I hope the days since the last “chattin’ and updatin’” treated you right! I had a little bit of a rough week last week, lots of overthinking and underappreciating myself (what else is new lol?), but I’m feeling better! And I’m now eating my breakfast of choice (plain greek yogurt with honey, chia seeds, blueberries, and homemade granola) and drinking some chai w/ milk, after staying up until 1am last night watching a Grand Theft Auto V live stream on Twitch. So I’m feeling a good week coming on!

(Also in the last c&u, I mentioned that these would look more aesthetically pleasing the next time…we’ll do that for the one next week lol I have some meetings that I didn’t know I had until I woke up, so I’m trying to breeze through some stuff before then. I’ll try out some different formats on the ones I’ve written already to see what I like, and then we’ll get the new format popping for next week. It won’t be anything fancy at all, but I like to make things on here look nice!)

updates on thursday email

  • IMPORTANT-ISH: I’m (still) looking for writers!
    • I’ve been running thursday email by myself for a couple of months now, and it’s been a GREAT time, but it’s also difficult lol. Writing, designing all of the graphics on the site, finding new things to listen to…it’s all a lot, in addition to my actual job, which has slowed down significantly because of the Rona, but still. It would be nice to be able to share the responsibility with folks; I also like the idea of starting something from the ground with other people! So, if you’re interested, hit me up. Email is in the About section of the site! I’d probably still be posting every week, but it’ll be nice to know that if I take a break, thursday email won’t also have to take a break.
    • I should make clear that I wouldn’t expect that person to write the same stories as me. I want thursday email to just be a creative hub where there’s eventually a lot of different people writing about a lot of different things relating to art & culture. So this is just a place for folks and me to hold ourselves accountable to writing about what we love!
    • I’m spending this week centering music from the good folks over at Dreamville. I’m excited to revisit some albums and songs I love, an album I haven’t heard all the way yet, and an album I wasn’t happy with but I’m giving an actual chance (cough cough Revenge of the Dreamers III (2019)). Each story – a total of 5 stories – will be tagged as “week fulla dreamville” and will have “(Week Fulla Dreamville)” in the title, so you can follow along. While planning the stories for this week, I realized that I might have to dedicate another week to Dreamville at some point lol but we’ll just start with a few things first.

updates on me

  • LOL I GOT SCAMMED, Y’ALL! The TAKE on Wednesday will talk about this more cause I wanna give y’all the full breakdown lol I was gonna type it here, but I wanna be thorough. So look out for that on Wednesday!
  • Guitar is going well! I’ve finally developed callouses on my fingers, so it doesn’t hurt as much to play. I skipped practicing yesterday and the day before, but I’m planning to get back on it today!
  • I’ve also been pressing flowers! My mom planted a rose bush in the front of the house maybe a year or two ago, and it has the most beautiful roses, BUT the petals fall off very quickly lol so I decided to gather them and press them. IDK what I’m gonna do with them yet, but I’ll let y’all know when I do. I actually have to check on the first batch of petals today, because I think they should be ready!
  • My record collection obsession is getting out of hand lol I haven’t spent tons of money yet, but easily in the $250 range in the last 2 weeks LOL I don’t even have the record player yet!!!!!!! There’s just something about having the albums I love in physical form that just gives me the warm and fuzzies, but I’m also b r o k e, so I’m definitely gonna cool it down from now on.

Alright, that’s all, y’all! I’ll be posting a First Listen later on today, so look out for that! Enjoy your week!

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