Week Fulla Dreamville – First Listen #14: JID’s ‘DiCaprio 2’

I think the first song time I heard JID was on Spillage Village’s “Willow Tree.” Great song. Great verse. Since then, I have subtly kept up with JID. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at my college a couple of years ago with EARTHGANG (it was just supposed to be JID, but he brought them, too!), and I’ve enjoyed the songs and verses that I’ve heard from him. He’s insanely talented! I’ll be the 1000000000th person to mention that he reminds me a lot of Kendrick Lamar; he has an incredible ability to play multiple characters in his song, or completely switch up the mood, by switching the speed or pitch of his voice. And he tells an amazing story that pulls you all the way in. It’s those interesting moments that make JID an amazing artist. I don’t know WHY it’s taken me so long to listen to DiCaprio 2 (2018) – I actually didn’t realize it had been so long since it came out – but I am happy to say that I am extremely irritated that I waited this long because the project is FANTASTIC.

I also was making banana bread while listening to it lol you gotta multitask!

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on here that I don’t like skits in albums. A lot of times, for me, they feel like a waste of space, and they make it difficult to listen to the songs independently of each other. And they get annoying really fast. But I HAVE to give the intro to this project, “Frequency Change,” a pass. I think I’ve also mentioned that I like goofy rappers, rappers that know how to laugh and don’t take themselves so seriously (hence, why I love Tyler and Denzel so much), and JID is one of those rappers who know how to have fun. The intro was a perfect example of that. The next song, “Slick Talk,” finds JID jumping STRAIGHT into bars; he EATSSSSSSSS on this track. I also need to stop sleeping on Kenny Beats. Because his production on this song??????????? Like…..excuse me??????????????????? He’s such a talented producer, which I already knew from other stuff, namely UNLOCKED (2020), but whew, chile, he shows OUT on “Slick Talk.” And its followed perfecting by the A$AP Ferg-assisted “Westbrook;” I don’t listen to Ferg a lot, but I knew his voice when he came on the track, and it got me super hype! I was even HYPER when I got to JID’s third verse, where I recognized some of the lines from his XXL Freshman cypher verse. (I just watched that back, and JID HAD NO BUSINESS RAPPING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! Every time I watch it I just get so stressed because he is really a whole person out here rapping….LIKE THAT!)

“Off Deez” and “151 Rum” are the two songs from this project that I had already heard and loved. JID and J. Cole make magic together on “Off Deez;” the way Cole comes in and continues the fast-flow that JID lays out on his verse??? It’s so so good! And the production on both of those songs is incredible. Big shout out to Dro Fe, CHASETHEMONEY, Nice Rec, and Christo for making some fire beats for these two songs. Also the video for “Off Deez” is one of my favorite videos in the world. It’s basically just Cole and JID rapping their verses in an empty warehouse, but they feed off of each other so well!!

This whole story is nothing but videos lol, but look at them!!!

“Off Da Zoinkys” is one that I actually had also heard (but only a little bit) before listening to the entire project. I remember watching the beginning of the music video for it, and it just didn’t like it lol. I ended up turning it off before JID started rapping. I don’t know what was going on with me that day because the song was great this time. I love the piano in the production. “Workin Out,” “Tiied,” and “Skrawberries” are amazing as well. I love the little groovy bit at the beginning of “Workin Out” and JID’s kind of singy/rappy/jazzy flow is *chef’s kiss*. And Zack Fox’s outro is hilarious!!!! The visual of Cole asking somebody for a charger took me OUT. I love the features on “Tiied.” 6lack is always a welcomed presence on my eardrums, and he’s from Atlanta so I have to stan. Ella Mai was also really good; I haven’t listened to anything from her outside of “Boo’d Up,” but she does have a great voice on her. “Skrawberries” is one of those songs that could have been really lame, but the execution was so solid that it works. It just feels natural instead of it feeling like something JID isn’t used to doing, and I think a large part of that is because JID can actually sing lol. So the song doesn’t feel clumsy or out of place. I think I’ve listened to one BJ the Chicago Kid song and didn’t really enjoy it, but I’ve loved him on every feature I’ve heard, including this one.

I also really enjoyed “Hot Box;” JID’s solid as usual. I don’t have a lot of experience with Method Man’s music (cue the boos lol) to really go off of, but I liked his verse, too. And same with Joey. I do have more experience listening to him, and his not my favorite rapper (or even close to it lol), but he is really good on a feature. There’s something very Missy Elliot about his verse that I dig. “Mounted Up” is one of the star moments for me on the project. I don’t really know how to describe how I feel about it. I haven’t listened to an entire JID project before, and I don’t know what a JID mixtape would song like or a JID “before he blew up,” but there’s something very home grown and down home about this song. “Just Da Other Day, “Despacito 2” and “Hasta Luego” were great finishers for this project. I LOVE the “Colloquialism, idiot vision, y’all seen I was doing the most / Definite dope, it’s on the scene, not in need of a vote” lines in “Just Da Other Day;” my jaw literally dropped when I heard it. “Despacito 2” and “Hasta Luego” were just great vibes overall. The whole project is really just one big ‘ol great vibe.

I just tasted the banana bread I made, and it’s the best banana bread I’ve ever made. And I think that’s a testament to this project lol JID really put his ENTIRE FOOT in DiCaprio 2. There’s no bad song on it. No bad line, no corny bar. It’s all so well-rounded and focused. And I think it helps that the production and the features were just as good. Both of those elements meshed very well with JID’s verses and felt very intentional, which is something I think is key to a great feature. Everything with this project just felt balanced. I can NOT believe that it took me so long to listen to it, but I’m so glad that I finally got around to it because I was really missing out. I WILL be revisiting a lot of these songs in the future.

JID really started this “Week Fulla Dreamville” off strong!


Overall Album Rating

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