Week Fulla Dreamville – My Favorite’s of All Time #13: 3 Songs from ‘Revenge of the Dreamers II”

I’m sad to say that I haven’t listened to Revenge of the Dreamers II (2015) in a REALLY LONG TIME, and I’m really trash for that lol. But I kept it on repeat for days after the first time I heard it. It’s a perfectly balanced project, and I think it shows off not only how talented everyone on Dreamville is, but also how much variety and individuality there is among the group. Without Cole taking center stage (except on “Folgers Crystals” – that song????) , Dreamville’s artists (sans EARTHGANG and JID because we hadn’t met them yet!) gave us a s o l i d project with some really amazing songs on it.

Prison tats on they backs like souvenirs
We wish that you was here
A mother’s tear spilled on this page
A brother’s tear spilled on this page
How many days left?
And can you find peace when you released
Still filled up wit’ rage
Back on the streets just to peep that you still in the cage

Freedom’s just an illusion, that’s my conclusion
And if it ain’t, then how my niggas keep on losin’ theirs?
This goes out to childhood friends that’s doin’ years

“Caged Bird”

I was originally going to talk just about “Caged Bird” for this MFOAT, but then I decided against it. However, we have GOT to give Cole and Omen all the praise for this beautiful song. The two of them are actually another undefeated rap duo that doesn’t get recognized; they don’t have a lot of songs together, but every time the two of them are on a track, it’s pure gold. This song included. Cole on the chorus is perfection, and the bars on his verse are solid. But honestly, I think Omen is the star of this track. Every single line he says on this song is fantastic. From the first lines – “Well, it’s the oratory vet / Turned down king slash poet laureate / Used to paint a picture with a story of neglect” – to the last lines – “See I’m caged by the visions of the blind / I started as a king / Turned to a slave / Put us in our chains / We was forced to entertain / Thinking bout the present day I’m living off the stage / Wonder if a nigga ever get up out this cage / As I sing” – Omen paints beautiful pictures of systemic oppression and “what if’s.” He also has such an AMAZING voice on him. It really pairs wonderfully with the production from Meez. I could really listen to him rap all day.


“Tabs” is kind of on the other side of the spectrum from “Caged Bird,” but I think it’s such a great song. Bas and Cozz really gave us some HEAT with this one. It’s just such a fun track, Bas and Cozz eat, and Meez’s production goes off. The difference between this song and “Caged Bird” is really what makes this project so good.

“Folgers Crystals”

Cole started the project off so strong with this song! And it’s really a showcase of the best of what Cole has to offer: fire production (with some help from Elite), some subtle vocals on the outro, bars for days (“Cause still I rise, it’s ill-advised to bet against him / Raised in hell but heaven sent ’em, let ’em diss ’em”???? “Motion picture, flows consist of potent scriptures / Known to rip a hole through them so-called dopest niggas / Snatch your soul and pose for pictures, holding it”????? HELLO????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????), and his flow on this song??????????? *CHEF’S KISS X102020* Really one of my favorite verses from Cole EVER.

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