chattin’ & updatin’ #3

Whew. It’s Monday.

How’s it going? I hope life is treating you well! I had a decent week last week, after having a rough time a couple of weeks back. It’s really always the same thing with me lol and it’s been difficult to manage that, whilst being stuck in the house with nothing but time on my hands. I’ve been trying to be careful about getting too caught up in things. But (fangirl moment in 3…2…1…) I really have been using Latrell James’s “Grateful” as a reminder to be generous with myself. At its core, the chorus of the song is about appreciating LIFE, regardless of what’s going on at the moment. And of course, that’s easier said than done, and we shouldn’t ignore the bad feelies that might be popping up and popping out in our minds. But it is a reminder to appreciate having life. Breathing. Existing. Little things like listening to your favorite song or being around your favorite person (from a distance!).

Those things are important, and it’s easy to lose sight of that when everything is shitty. And I was thinking about that a lot at the beginning of this week. There are still some things in my life that I’m unsure about – some things that I would love to have solved rn. Things that pop up randomly in my mind during my slumber. But there have also been some really great little moments, since I came home from NY that I’m so thankful to have had. My mom bought me a necklace yesterday (for no reason at all! While I was looking for a necklace to buy HER for her birthday lol), we were able to buy a dryer and a couch after not having either of those things for 4 years. We’ve been able to cook and eat dinner together. We’ve just, in general, spent a lot of time together, after not being around each other this long since I left for college. I still CAN be around my mom. I’ve been fortunate enough to still have a job, so I was able to buy myself a much needed new phone and computer, while also being able to splurge a little on new records. And a bunch of other little things. And I’m trying to push myself to remember that being happy is ok lol and celebration is important, no matter how small the win is. Even if there are still some uncertainties in my life. So I’m offering this to you as well. Don’t ignore the trash feelings, but find something to bring you joy. I promise it goes a long way.

updates on thursday email

  • IMPORTANT-ISH: I’m (still) looking for writers!
    • that little rough patch a couple of weeks ago had me down bad, so I’m playing catch up. Hopefully I’ll have more info soon on flowers, weaponized.
    • Will be here next week! Even if I need to write the stories in advance, so I can schedule them just in case I have another breakdown lol I really wanna do them all in a week, instead of split up like the Dreamville one, so please pray for my mental health!!!!

updates on me

  • See the first paragraph lol
  • I’ve been falling off on guitar! It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I practiced, and the callous is going away on my finger. So I need to start back up soon.
  • I finally made a written inventory of my record collection, so I should be able to start posting pictures of those records on here soon! I just gotta find a good place in the house to take those pics.
  • AND re: my record collection, I don’t think I ever mentioned that I was looking for some specific records on here, but I have been looking for MF DOOM’s MM…FOOD, Daniel Caesar’s Freudian, and Tyler the Creator’s WOLF for WEEKS, and I was finally able to find those at a decent price. WOLF and Freudian should be coming this week! I’m so excited to listen to Freudian in my room, with the door closed, a candle lit, and tears falling down my face 🙂

A First Listen will come later today (hopefully lol I’m already a little behind today because I keep watching people play GTA V on Twitch instead of actually doing what I need to do – so at the least, I’ll post it tomorrow).

Enjoy your week!


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