My Favorite’s of All Time #14: 3 Songs from ‘Bucket List Project’

I debated VERY heavily with myself on whether I wanted to do an Album Look Back for Bucket List Project (2016) or if I wanted to do a MFOAT. I haven’t listened to it in full in a while, but it really is one of the most amazing albums I’ve ever heard. Everything – from the production, to the bars and the stories that Saba tells on BLP, to the Chicago folks making appearances at the ends and beginnings of songs telling us the things that are on their bucket lists – is masterfully put together. But I would be betraying myself if I didn’t acknowledge “The Billy Williams Story,” “Symmetry,” and “Photosynthesis” as my favorite songs from the project.

note: dis a very very short one. i’m really behind schedule lol

Overcame it all, like I’m some big shot
Was taught to be a man, up to the wrist watch
To the collar shirt tucked, with the front pocket
Part of adolescence when they go blossom
When your stars align, I hope there’s no comet
So far it’s…
Oh yes, I made it alive, on the West Side, still at my momma house
The kids on my conscience now, coz the youth dying and it’s just more common now
Common ground, stuck through it all like we Carmelo
Comin’ down, high offa life, arrive unannounced
Summonin’, numbin’ the pain of when I’m in doubt, high school
My head in the clouds, like I learned about

Ayy, how you lonely in a room with God?
Never slow up, not even a pit stop
Praying my niggas’ll never get caught

These three songs come back to back to back on the the project, which means that we’re getting hit back to back to back with absolute GREATNESS. And I think they’re all – when looked at together – great examples of how fluidly Saba moves through songs. There isn’t a beat or instrumental that Saba has been on where he sounds out of place. And even though these songs sound different from each other, Saba remains consistent in his delivery.

I love how his voice is layered in the pre-chorus of “Symmetry,” as he speaks on the magic of finding your better half. And the chorus??????? The “baby don’t rush”????????????????????? *chef’s kiss x2032223492* It’s perfection. And I HAVE to give a shout out to Ken Ross who produced this song and also “TimeZone” aka my FAVORITE track on Saba’s COMFORTZone (2014) – I’m still waiting for it to be on Spotify. On “Photosynthesis,” he and Jean Deaux sound amazing together. I’ve listened to a few solo tracks from Jean Deaux and didn’t fall in love with them, but I LOVE her on a feature; she’s been in a couple of songs I really enjoy like this one and Mick Jenkin’s “Healer.” And Saba’s flow on this song is PHENOMENAL! And then “The Billy Williams Story.” Y’all. When I tell you I’m in LOVE with that song???? It remains one of my top 3 songs across Saba’s releases. I, admittedly, have NO clue who Billy Williams is (cue the boo’s?), but the song is BLESSED. Saba’s flow, the P R O D U C T I O N!!!! The intro “The Billy Williams Story” is ICONIC.

I just wanna say, again, how amazing Saba is. I really might have to mess around and do a Album Look Back on the Bucket List Project cause….

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