chattin’ & updatin’ #4

So I’m supposed to be doing an Album Look Back or a Bite-Sized Album Review today, but honestly, I haven’t been listening to many albums lately and I don’t have the energy left to write anything long today. So I figured what better time to do another chattin’ and updatin’, since it’s been a month since the last one. It’ll be quick, I promise!

updates on thursday email

  • NEW STORY SERIES ALERT! Isn’t there always one lol. While on my hiatus, I starting thinking about yet ANOTHER addition to thursday email. I do this thing while I’m getting ready in the morning where I randomly pick two of my favorite rappers/artists, and I put them head to head based on whatever random criteria I happen to think of that day. So I figured, what the hey! I might as well bring that here. So I’m starting a new series (it’ll replace the MFOAT on Fridays) called BRACKETS. It’ll be a 19-week stretch of me pitting my favorite folks against each other, in an attempt to see who has truly won my heart. The first one will be tomorrow, and there will be a BRACKETS landing page here (if there’s not “here” link, the page isn’t up yet lol), with all of the details and a downloadable template with the rappers, so you can do your own!
  • I also have a couple of other story series ideas that I’m thinking through, so look out for those as well! I think they’ll be cool; I just want to make sure I execute them right. I’ve had to ridiculous things happen to me over the years, and I’m thinking about making a story series out of that (y’all remember the time I got scammed lol). And some more ideas. We’ll see.

updates on me

  • I HAVE A CAT NOW! Her name’s Leyla, she’s a little 9ish month old tabby, she’s a September Virgo (like me 🙂 those are my favorite kind of Virgo), and she’s a jerk. She wakes me up every morning at 5am and forces me to give her pets, and then ignores me all day until 6pm when she gets hungry and then 8pm when she knows I’m getting ready to relax in my bed. I adopted her a couple of Sundays ago, so she’s still very much a new addition to the family, and she’s still getting to know her new home and new family. She is a little jerk at times, but I’m very much happy to have her! ❤ She is currently falling asleep in my bed after a morning of her running around the house (after waking me up at 5am), opening my closed bedroom door by clawing the space between the door and the floor, jumping up on my dresser and spilling her treats on the floor, and not finishing her breakfast after meowing at me loudly to feed her.
here’s the tiny queen
  • Updates on my record collection: It’s still ever-growing! I found a couple of more rare ones that I had been looking for: The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence, Anderson .Paak’s Malibu (both of those from a record store in Canada lol) and Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool (is on the way from a record store in Australia lol). I also signed up for Vinyl Me Please, so I received N.E.R.D.’s Fly or Die in the mail last week (I’ll probs do a story on that album soon). You can find a list of records I have here.
  • It’s been a little bit of a rocky past couple of weeks, but what’s new lol same stuff I’ve mentioned before. But I’m just trying to take it a day at a time! And so should you ❤

Say hi to your mom for me! Stay safe and healthy!


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