Top 5 from the Week #11 (ft. Shelia E., 6LACK, Mick Jenkins, EARTHGANG, and The Whispers)

I actually listened to a lot of stuff this week! A lot of really good stuff actually. So it was kind of hard to choose a Top 5, but I decided to go with the songs I listened to the most.

“The Glamorous Life” – Shelia E.

This is one of many songs that I heard several times in the car with my mom, while we were running errands. And then I started hearing it in the workout videos I do during the week. After the fourth time hearing it, I decided to listen to it on my own and then I spent the next couple of days listening to it as I made my bed in the morning lol. It’s such a great song. I also love Prince and could feel his energy oozing throughout every piece of this song. I knew that he wrote a lot (a majority? all? lol) of the songs for the people he was closely affiliated with in the 80s/90s, so I figured he wrote this song. It just FELT like a Prince song. I went back and listening to his demo version, and it was also spectacular.

“Elephant in the Room” – 6LACK

I was scrolling through Reddit the night this came out – I was probably up because my cat likes to wake me up at 3am and at 5am, and I can’t go back to sleep immediately – and was reminded that 6LACK was dropping a new project. Overall, it was a really good (and short – which I love) set of songs; I don’t listen to 6LACK a lot – not sure why – but I have always thought he was an amazing singer. “Elephant in the Room” was one of the standouts. I listened to it on repeat A LOT, whilst playing UNO on my phone. (edit: I am now remembering that it was very early in the morning, because I kept telling myself that I needed to try to go back to sleep lol)

“(Olivia) Lost and Turned Out” – The Whispers

Another song from car rides with my mom. I’ve mentioned on here before that I like listening to songs that have sad lyrics, but “happy” production. This is one of those songs lol. The first time I listened to it I wasn’t really paying attention to the lyrics, but as soon as I realized what he was talking about I was in shock lol. It’s a really good song though. The quintessential 1970s soul song.

“Proud of You” – EARTHGANG

OK. So I DON’T KNOW WHY it took me so long to listen to this song, but I’m so happy it finally popped up. Young Thug is one of those people I love to hear on a feature, and him and EARTHGANG made magic on this song. I love everything about it. The production, the lyrics. Everything. I’ve actually been listening to this song a lot the past couple of weeks, but since I’ve been MIA, I’m counting this as a Top 5 for this week.

“Plain Clothes” – Mick Jenkins

This is another song I’ve listened to a lot the past couple of weeks that I’m just getting the opportunity to acknowledge. I’m actually really sad this song hadn’t been in my life earlier. It came out during a time where I was really unsure about how I was feeling about Mick Jenkins. I’ve mentioned this before, but after hearing a few tracks from The Healing Component (2016) – I couldn’t make it through the whole thing – Mick’s music was making me a little bit iffy. I did listen to a few songs from Pieces of a Man (2018), but I guess I didn’t listen to it far enough to hear “Plain Clothes.” Mick is still a bit on the fence for me right now (which is unfortunate because he was one of my favorites after I hear The Water[s] (2014)), but “Plain Clothes” reminds me that Mick can still make some really good songs.

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