Bite-sized Album Review #12: Deante Hitchcock’s ‘BETTER’

I first came across Deante’ Hitchcock while listening to Revenge of the Dreamers III (2019). I really liked his flow and decided to finally check him out after seeing his name in a couple of other places. And I do love a moment to listen to a new artist. Overall, I really enjoyed BETTER (2020). It’s a really solid project, and Deante’ is a really solid artist. You can feel the love and care that he puts into every piece of this. And I love his lil’ smile on the cover! It’s so JOYFUL! And we love that for Black people. He’s also from Georgia, and y’all know how I feel about southern Black folks (from Georgia).

Sonic Cohesion

I don’t think there was a well-defined uniformed sound on this project, but I think every song was great. I really really enjoyed the features on this. JID is always amazing, and it was great to hear Miguel as well as St. Beauty. Young Nudy on “Attitude” was also pretty good, and 6LACK on “How TF” was perfection. I don’t know if it’s because I listened to 6 PC Hot (2020) recently, but 6LACK has been doing great things for my ears lately. The production on this project was also really good. I loved hearing Deante’ backed by a bunch of different sounds.

Vibe Check

This project reminds me a lot of a J. Cole project. There were a lot of times where Deante’s flow sounded a lot like Cole’s, but more than that, there’s a down home-ness about this project that reminds me a lot of how I feel when I listen to Cole (sans KOD (2018)). The overall vibe and energy on this project is of someone who is still very much held together by the same things that held him together before making music. It’s an energy that I can only refer to as “this sounds like someone who lives next door to me that makes music on the side.” Everything still feels within reach and human. And I love that.

Replay Value

LOL this one is always so hard to do because sometimes there will be a really good project, that I just don’t want to hear all the way through again. And this is one of those projects. Although I really did enjoy the whole project, I think the only song I’m interested in re-listening to from this project is “How TF.”

Thematic Cohesion

I think I’ve kind of already mentioned what I have to say about thematic cohesion in the other pieces of this, but I’ll just kind of mention here again that this is both a “come up” project and a “I’m grateful for everything that I had before this” project. And I like that combination. It’s easy for a project like this to be overly confident and arrogant, but Deante’s humbleness shines through and makes his story one where we’re rooting for him all the way.

3 songs i dig…

“How TF” “Flashbacks” and “Growing Up/Mother God”

fave bar from the project:

Somebody ask me why I think God is a woman
And I said, “Your momma cookin’ must not be as good as mine.”

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to BETTER on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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