Top 5 from the Week #12 (ft. Guapdad 4000, Lil Uzi Vert, Deante’ Hitchcock, Lupe Fiasco, and Michael Jackson)

In addition to making some aesthetic changes to thursday email – still a work in progress, but I’m happy so far – I have done a lot of music listening this week. A lot of what I was listening to was stuff from last week – you can find that Top 5 here – but there were some new additions (no Bobby Brown lol), as well.

“Lil Scammer that Could” – Guapdad 4000

I love Guapdad lol. But I will be honest and say that I was not feeling this song when I first heard it. There was just something about the way his voice was sounding on the track that I found…annoying. But this is really one of those songs that are made 100 times better by the music video. Have you seen it????? It’s GREAT lol. And it’s below! After I watched the video, I added the song to my Spotify Liked Tracks, and I’ve listened to it every day since. Now, I actually don’t mind Guapdad’s voice, and he and Denzel (my fave <3) gave us a really solid track and an amazing video to match.

“Bean (Kobe)” – Lil Uzi Vert

I kind of forgot that I had heard this while listening to the Deluxe version Eternal Atake (2020) for the first time a while back – that First Listen is here. I watch a lot of Grand Theft Auto V streams on Twitch (not the past couple of nights, though, because I’ve been rewatching Better Call Saul), and one of the streamers I frequent plays this song OFTEN. And I couldn’t resist the “in my triple cup, that’s two times two.” It just pulled me in. I didn’t really listen to it that much again until I was reminded of the song, while washing the dishes the other day lol. For whatever reason, my soul was reaching for this song. It really was one of the best from Eternal Atake (Deluxe). I love how young Chief Keef sounds on this song. I keep forgetting that he’s only a year older than me; he’s been making music for so long that he exists as a 30 year old in my mind. And I think the heaviness of his early songs also aged him a lot in my mind, so it’s nice to hear him on something more playful.

“How TF” – Deante’ Hitchcock

I already talked (a little bit) about this song earlier this week on the Bite-Sized Album Review. My love for this song has only grown from there. I really really like how the Deante’ and 6LACK sound on this song. And 6LACK….omg. He really has a voice on him. I’m gonna have to start making my way through his discography because I need more of his voice in my life. I rewatched his performance of Erykah Badu’s “On and On” a couple days ago….y’all. It’s ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .

“Kill” – Lupe Fiasco

Another song I’ve already talked about. Since I talked about it pretty extensively the first time, I’ll just guide you over to the First Listen for DROGAS Light (2017).

“Dangerous” – Michael Jackson

I listened to the Michael Jackson Immortal project – that Cirque du Soleil used during their tour in the early 2010s – earlier this week, and there’s a remix of “Dangerous” on there that I love. So I ended up finding myself in a small loop, going back and forth from their version and the original album version. Dangerous (1991) is my favorite Michael Jackson album, and “Dangerous” is one of my favorite songs from the project. It’s this SUCH a different kind of song for Michael, and he sounds so good on it. During the 90s, a lot of his music was tapping into a little bit of hip hop inspiration, and so there’s a bunch of songs like “Dangerous,” “Can’t Let Her Get Away,” and “She Drives Me Wild” that have a distinctive 90s hip hop/New Jack Swing-ish sound to them that Michael sounds GODLY on. The Teddy Riley really popped OUT on those tracks. Also, unrelated but Teddy Riley really gave us some HEAT on Johnny Kemp’s “Just Got Paid.” That song is fire.

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