My Favorite’s of All Time #19: Childish Gambino’s ‘Because the Internet’

Mm. I really could sing Donald Glover’s praises all day. I would actively choose to sit outside on some random highway with one of those arrow signs that people flip that says “Donald Glover is the Best” for fun. Allow me to evoke myself from a past story: “Donald just has an amazing mind; he has a creativity level on that I can only hope to get to at some point. And he has this amazing ability to move fluidly through a bunch of different genres and mediums without anything feeling like it’s spilling over from another project. Everything that he does feels like it can exist on its own.” And Because the Internet (2013) is included in that.

Trolling, trolling, trolling these niggas
Rick Rolling these niggas, they mad cause they don’t know any better
“Hold up, it’s the kid—quick, tell him he can’t sit with us!”
Fuck it, got money, bought friends like I’m TBS
VVS, I can see it all with the clarity
Real deep, hope they dig a nigga ‘fore they bury me
Even though we were told to go where they wouldn’t go
Hella slow, that’s that dial up, watch it pile up, fly

Man made the web, you don’t need a name
Man made of faults, I ain’t too ashamed
Every thought I had, put it in a box
Everybody see it just before the cops

I really don’t know what to say about this project that will feel like enough lol. So I’ll keep it brief, so I don’t go around in circles because of my excitement. I’ve actually been listening to it a lot the past couple of months – after, you know…I got scammed (which now that I think about it, that whole situation fits very well with the theme of the album lol). And every time I listen through this project, it enamors me.

I think the thing that I love the most about Because the Internet is that it shows us Donald at his creative “best.” And I don’t mean “best” in the “he won’t ever make anything as good as this” way. I mean that Donald put so many different pieces of himself in this album, and it created a moment that I don’t think he’s gone back on. This is obviously very limited because I didn’t start listening to Donald until Camp (2011) was already out, but it felt like the world that Donald created for Because the Internet was different. The album wasn’t just an album. He learned how to CODE and gave us one of the most impressive screenplays I’ve ever read. There were also some amazing music videos that were made to accompany the project and the story that he was able to tell with those videos. And with all of that, Donald gave us more of him than he had before. And I feel like the process of creating this album opened up the Donald that we have now. I feel like it was at that moment that it became clearer that Donald wasn’t just a comedian that rapped sometimes; he was a full on creative. Like honestly. Who else could have made an album about our dependence on the internet for connection to others and the connection to our “real” selves and it not turn out corny? Who else would have thought to make something like this??? There’s love in this album; there’s pain, there’s exhaustion; there’s yearning for togetherness and wholeness. There’s self-doubt and questioning of self-worth. There’s great production and amazing lyrics. And all under an hour.

There’s just something really…special about this project. And something really special about Donald Glover. I love them both.

Let me get out of here before I start crying.

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