Bite-sized Album Review #13: 6LACK’s ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’

After months and months of swearing that I was going to give a 6LACK project a full listen, I finally had the chance to listen to East Atlanta Love Letter (2018) – albeit 2 years late. And listening to it made me realize that I hadn’t listened to a “new” R&B project in a long time! Most of what I listen to ends up being hip hop – which, that ain’t no problem – but I do love an R&B album, so I was happy to have one to listen to. And I’m happy that it ended up being East Atlanta Love Letter.

Thematic Cohesion

East Atlanta Love Letter is a very personal project. A lot of the songs – most? all? – center on different aspects of 6LACK’s personal life. And I think that cover art is a clear representation of that; it’s actually my favorite part of the project (outside of the Ty Dolla $ign feature on “Switch”). It does a great job of immediately making it clear what the project is about.

Sonic Cohesion

There’s something different about the vibe that comes off of an R&B project, compared to a hip hop project, that I really love. I think I’ve mentioned how much I love 6LACK’s voice, and he sounds so good on this project. It’s smooth and jazzy, but there are also moments where he can slide very easily into a more pop-oriented sound. The production is also very good on this project. The names on the list of producers on Genius aren’t super familiar – a couple of familiar names, but overall new ones to me (unless I’ve heard a song I didn’t know they produced) – but I think they all did a really amazing job on this. Ooh, I should also add that I liked Future’s feature on “East Atlanta Love Letter” – it felt like he was the right person to have on that song. Offset was really nice on “Balenciaga Challenge” as well. Both of them are cornballs, though. For the record lol.

Vibe Check

6LACK is the vibe. That’s all.

Replay Value

This might be the first project in a while that has gotten above a 1 heart rating for “replay value” lol. I really enjoyed “Pretty Little Fears” (it’s been saved for a while), and “Switch” and “Let Her Go” became some quick favorites.

3 songs i dig…

“Switch” “Pretty Little Fears” and “Let Her Go”

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to East Atlanta Love Letter on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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