Top 5 from the Week #13 (ft. Anderson .Paak, Lord Lu C N, Guapdad 4000, KAMAUU, and 6LACK)

This has been a good music week y’all. So good that I decided to start a new story series lol. My Discover Weekly was POPPING this week, so I’m planning on starting a series where I give my brief thoughts on EVERY song on my Discover Weekly for the previous week. I think that will work well with the Top 5’s – some of the songs that I liked from the Discover Weekly will probably pop up on the Top 5 for that week. I gotta work out some kinks. But for now, let’s talk about what I liked from this week.

“Winner’s Circle” – Anderson .Paak

I was in the car with my mom, when I decided to finally listen to my Discover Weekly on Spotify; I had been listening to Musiq Soulchild’s Luvanmusiq (2007) before that. Anderson .Paak’s “Winner’s Circle” was the first song on the DW playlist, and when I tell you I was SO CONFUSED when that song came on!!!! Because it sounded JUST LIKE a Musiq Soulchild song. I literally had to stop the song and rewind it to make sure I wasn’t still listening to Luvanmusiq. I checked at least 3 times. I just COULDN’T BELIEVE that I was listening to Anderson .Paak and not Musiq Soulchild lol. Musiq Soulchild didn’t even help make the song!!!! How did Andy do that????? “Winner’s Circle” is so good, y’all. I love everything about it. I actually ended up listening to Ventura (2019) – after putting it off for many months lol – off the strength of how much I loved “Winner’s Circle.” Great album. I’ll probably do a First Listen on it.

“A.S.S.” – Lord Lu C N

This is another one from the Discover Weekly playlist. I didn’t look at whose song it was when it came on, and then I started hearing a familiar voice. A voice that makes my heart SING. A voice that exfoliates my skin. A voice that sounded like Denzel Curry. And LO AND BEHOLD. It was the king Denzel Rae Don Curry himself! And he did a great job. Lord Lu C N’s production is also amazing, and Anna Wise is a gem.

“Izayah” – Guapdad 4000

I think I decided to listen to this one after hearing “Lil Scammer that Could.” I remembered seeing that Guapdad and Denzel made another song together, and since I loved “Lil Scammer that Could” so much, I figured I’d like this one as well. I did lol. I will say that I like everyone else’s part better than Guapdad’s (I did like his part, though) but I think that just speaks to the quality of the people on the song. I love the coproduction by James Delgado and Kenny Beats! Their producer tags sound so GOOD on their production for this.

“clover” – KAMAUU

I think there was a random night this week where I was like “I wanna listen to KAMAUU.” So I ended up listening to a couple of songs, and I realized that I had heard “clover” before and thought it was sooooooooooo good. This song is beautiful. I really don’t have anything else to say about it other than it is the perfect song. And the music video???????? That (dark-skinned) Black women receiving all the love in the world????????? I LOVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!

“Switch” – 6LACK

One of my faves from my adventure into 6LACK’s East Atlanta Love Letter (2018). You can see more about it here.

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