Top 5 from the Week #14 (ft. 6LACK, KAMAUU, Rene & Angela, and D Smoke)

Not a whole bunch of new stuff this week. I haven’t gotten a chance to visit my Discover Weekly for this week yet because I’ve been playing catch up on some stuff. So I ended up listening to a lot of older song. Yesterday, the spirit moved me to listen to some of my records, so I spent a couple of hours during the day doing that, in between training my cat to wear a harness so I can take her on walks, which was so NICE. I listened to The Weeknd’s Kiss Land (2013) – a new addition to my collection – for the first time in a LONG time, as well as Kendrick Lamar’s untitled, unmastered. (2016), and Andy .Paak’s Malibu (2016) – a great time was had. Long story short, there are a couple of repeats for the Top 5 this week!

“clover” – KAMAUU

Already talked about this one on the last Top 5 – I’m still listening to it at least once everyday.

“bamboo” – KAMAUU

I don’t really have a whole bunch to say about this song, other than my general sentiments from this week’s First Listen. But the song is GREAT.

“Your Smile” – Rene & Angela

This was a “in the car with my mom” find – which honestly….have been the best finds this summer. I couldn’t Shazam it in the car because my mom was there, and I get Shazam shy (lol), so I just kept repeating the lyrics in my head and looked them up later on. It was the chorus of the song that really caught my ear. The harmonies really did something spectacular to my overall sense of wellbeing.

“Honey Jack” – D Smoke

lol talked about this one too! On this week’s Discover (Last)Weekly!

“Cutting Ties” – 6LACK

I’ve actually been a fan of this song for a couple of years, but for some reason, it was really stuck in my head the past couple of days. I guess it’s all the 6LACK I’ve been listening to lately. His voice. The production. I LOVE. Literally listening to it rn lol

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