Top 5 from the Week #15 (ft. The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Michel’le, Mint Condition, and Martin Luther McCoy)

I’ve been listening to a lot of throwbacks this week, so the songs for the Top 5 aren’t new songs for me, but new songs for thursday email. Which is a balance that I’m kind of digging. This week has felt like I’ve been thrown back into time, which has been great musically, but horrifying every other way lol. Here are the Top 5 for the Week:

“As You Are” – The Weeknd

On my random Weeknd spree during multiple moments this week, I was reminded of how SOLID Abel’s discography is, and I was also reminded of how much I love “As You Are.” I will forever maintain that this is one of the best songs he’s ever made. I love how 80s love ballad it sounds, and Abel’s harmonies on the song sound HEAVENLY. The beginning of the chorus where he says “Show me your broken heart and all your scars” literally gives me CHILLS every time I listen to it. No one asked him to make this song, yet he gave it to us anyway, and he’s a KING for that.

“It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars

I have also been on a bit of a Bruno binge the past couple of days, and I was reminded of this GEMMMMM of a song. I just cannot BELIEVE that this song was made for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack lol. Every time I remember that, I chuckle – it just feels so ridiculous. This isn’t Bruno’s best song, but I’ve been in love with this song for years. And I don’t see it leaving the running list of songs I like to sing in the shower any time soon.

Also, y’all remember how Bruno used to rock his little pompadour fade?? I loved that. That’s still what he looks like in my head lol

“Something in My Heart” – Michel’le

This is one of those songs that makes me so happy to be Black lol. I was listening to “Your Smile” by Rene & Angela, while making breakfast one morning, and Spotify started playing random songs after it was over. “Something in My Heat” was one of them, and I was reminded of how beautiful this song is. I don’t think I’ve heard any of Michel’le’s other songs, but she really DID THAT on this song. I also did NOT know that Dr. Dre produced this song LOL that just feels so RANDOM! (Also…WOW Michel’le is so beautiful in the album art for Michel’le (1989) – like WHAT?????)

“U Send Me Swingin'” – Mint Condition

This was another song that popped up while I was making breakfast that day. This is one of those songs for me that sound weird, but there’s something about that weirdness that I like a lot. “Walk on By” by Thundercat is another one of those songs for me. Something about how the chords descend at the beginning of the chorus on “U Send Me Swingin'” sounds so OFF to me, but I really like it.

“Killer Machines” – Martin Luther McCoy

It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve even THOUGHT about this song. But the chorus randomly started playing in my head the other day, and I was reminded of how great this song was. I didn’t know about Martin Luther McCoy until I watched Across the Universe while I was in high school (maybe my sophomore year – so like…almost eight years ago!). After that – because he was the only Black main character in that movie – I decided to see if he had other music out, and lo and behold he had music OUT! And I have a real appreciation for Black folks that play guitars and make rock-leaning music. I really wish Martin Luther McCoy was more well-known than he is; he’s such a talented guy. And “Killer Machines” is such a song for right now.

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