DISCOVER WEEKLY #3 (ft. J. Cole & Lupe Fiasco)

Trying a new format this week. I completely forgot to save my Discover Weekly from last week lol so I’m just gonna chat a bit about a bunch of random songs I’ve listened to over the past week or so. This might be the way from now on lol since my dependability level is at 14/100 lately.


The first two songs are from Jermaine Coleslaw himself. I’m still feeling a way about his recent cornball behavior, but I have been pretty excited about The Fall Off, since KOD (2018) dropped. He seemed to experiment more on KOD, and that was something that I was hoping for on The Fall Off. So I was happy that Cole was giving us a little sneak peek, since the album isn’t coming out any time soon.

I felt ok after listening to these two songs? But not good enough to be super excited about getting a new Cole project. “The Climb Back” was a little lackluster for me. The bars were there – it’s Cole, so that’s never really an issue – but it just didn’t really hit like I expected it to. I liked the production and the hook, though. I did enjoy “Lion King on Ice” a lot, even though the title isn’t my favorite lol.

“Lion King on Ice” sounds like a larger step out of Cole’s comfort zone, and it sounds great. I love the hook (I’m always a big fan of Cole serving us vocals), the production is nice. A decent song over all. So I’m not really sure what to expect at this point for a future J. Cole project. It’s feeling like it’s going to be hit or miss for me, which I’m not super excited to already be thinking. But I’m just gonna cross my little fingers and hope that Cole gives us something good.

HOUSE EP (2020) by Lupe Fiasco

It’s kind of unfortunate because I actually wanted to do a Bite-Sized Album Review on this for Thursday, but…I didn’t really like this project enough to invest that much time in it lol. Let me preface this by saying that Lupe is great, so the things that he makes are kind of automatically decent because he’s high quality, like Cole. I’ll also add that I was listening to this at 3am, after being unable to sleep, so that could have inhibited my ability to really appreciate this project. I don’t think that’s the case, though lol. HOUSE EP had me feeling like I was listening to DROGAS Light (2017) again. And that’s not the feeling I was hoping for. I really enjoyed the production on this, first and foremost.

Every song sounded amazing sonically. Lyrically, though, there were some rough parts. It just…didn’t come together like I expected it to, especially for something so SHORT. Some – a lot – of the lyrics were on the corny and underdeveloped side. And it wasn’t like he wasn’t saying the things he normally says, it just felt a little forced this time. Like, instead of the wordplay feeling natural, it felt like he was trying his best to make something happen, which just didn’t work for me. I don’t know, y’all. I won’t be revisiting this one. There were some parts I enjoyed but not enough to really carry the project.


There were a few songs that I really enjoyed, though. So I feel a little bit redeemed in my experience lol. I finally got around to listening to Smino’s “Baguetti” (ft. J.I.D. & Kenny Beats. Loved it. All 3 of them are super talented, so I expected (and got) nothing less than amazing from it. Semi-related, but I rewatched the UNLOCKED (2020) short film – we’ve been in 2020 forEVER – and I was reminded of how much I love UNLOCKED. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, but the visuals mixed with the songs took it to another level. Denzel and Kenny did THAT.

“Dream” by Clairmont the Second was another one I really liked – I actually ended up saving that one to my Spotify – the only one out of the bunch lol. He has a song called “Flame Princess” that I heard for the first time last year that I loved, so I’m glad that my second interaction with his music is just as good. I might have to check out an entire project. “Woah” by Rich the Kid, Miguel, and Ty Dolla $ign was another good one. Obviously Miguel and Ty Dolla $ign carried that song, though lol. The production is really nice as well. Twelve’len has been someone that has existed on my musical periphery for a minute, which is a shame because I listened to “Thank the Gang” and I NEED to give Twelve’len more time. SOLID solid song. There was another Denzel Curry sighting on my Discover Weekly for this week (which I’m ALWAYS here for) – this time on Jamie Issac’s “CNT U SEE – Remix.” LOVED IT. LOVE DENZEL. That’s all lol. I just listened to “Hate the Club” by Kehlani a few seconds ago; I enjoyed it! I don’t listen to Kehlani a lot, but she’s someone I appreciate hearing on a feature – LOVED her on Amine’s “Heebiejeebies.” And I love her on this. And Masego on the sax solo?????? *chef’s kiss* Listening to Funkadelic’s “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (We Ain’t Neva Gonna Stop Remix)” right now – that title lol – liking it so far.

So a decent week for music with a few questionable moments – but relatively solid overall!

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