Top 5 from the Week #16 (ft. Benny the Butcher, De La Soul, FKA Twigs, Rex Orange County, and Childish Gambino)

Wow. Happy August. WTF is time????? How is it August right now????

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs from past Top 5s recently, which has been nice! But that also made it difficult for me to think of other songs to put for the Top 5 for this week. Luckily, I had literally 5 songs from this week that I hadn’t talked about on one of these before – a mix of old and new. Here they are:

“18 Wheeler” – Benny the Butcher

So I finally decided to listen to The Plugs I Met (2019). I won’t say too much because a review on it is incoming, but I will say that this song is one of my favorites from the project. I LOVE Push and Benny together on this. I actually didn’t even think about the possibility of there being a Push feature on this project, until I got to this song and said “OF COURSE!” And the production is amazing. I wouldn’t be mad at a collaboration project from Push and Benny. I wouldn’t be mad AT ALL.

“Memory of…(US)” – De La Soul

So after an unsuccessful attempt to listen to 3 Feet High and Rising (1989) – the quality of the sound on the uploads on YouTube are slightly garbage – I decided to listen to some of and the Anonymous Nobody… (2016), since I’d never really listened to De La Soul before – yes, yes. cue the boos lol. “Memory of…(US)” was one of the gems on there. I LOVE an Estelle feature, and she was my favorite part of this song. She always sounds sooo phenomenal. And I love the strings in the production. The whole thing really is a masterpiece.

“mary magdalene” – FKA Twigs

I’ve already talked about MAGDALENE (2019) on a First Listen, but “mary magdalene” is a new favorite from the project, after weening myself off of “holy terrain.” I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. All the good things I feel about the project as a whole, I feel about this song individually.

“Best Friend” – Rex Orange County

I’ve loved this song for a while, but I revisited my sad playlist recently – for old times sake lol – and I was reminded of how much I appreciate that this song exists. It’s one of those songs that make me want to be in love, but then I come to my senses after it cuts off lol.

“This Is America” – Childish Gambino

I have this habit of saying “get your money, Black man!” whenever I see or hear a Black person doing well or achieving something lol. So I decided to listen to this song a dozen times the other day, since my soul was obviously calling for it. I have since been saying “get your money Black man” even more. So the problem wasn’t really solved, but I love Bino, so any excuse to listen to him is fine in my book!

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