DISCOVER WEEKLY #4 (ft. Joey Bada$$ & Bas)

Here we are. Back again with another week! Some really good songs this week that I was HAPPY to listen to, as a distraction from me re-reading an upcoming story another 20 times. A few favorites – lol Denzel – popped up, as well as some new faces.

The Light Pack (2020) by Joey Bada$$

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Joey; I don’t know, I got weird vibes from him when I was listening to Pro Era – and the rest of Beast Coast – super heavy in 2012, and because of that, I never really invested time in his solo projects, except for a few songs here and there. I have always thought he was a super talented rapper, though. He’s been popping up a lot – as a feature – on songs I’ve been listening to over the past couple of years, so I decided to finally take another listen to his solo stuff. Starting with The Light Pack.

And, I DON’T hate it. There’s a part in the first song, “The Light” that goes: “This is Godly interpolation / This is that “Who your top five?” conversation / Type of rap that fuck a Grammy nomination / Type of rap that I’ma take ’em to my basement /Bring it back, ’cause when it come to leavin’ mics ablazin’ / I’m adjacent to that nigga Satan/
That ain’t with debatin’, no more time for wastin'”

And I think that part is so FIREEEEE, and it’s the perfect example of the level of bars on this mini pack. I love how smooth the production on these three songs is. “No Explanation” with Pusha T (y’all know I love Push!) is my favorite of the three; the two of them sound amazing. Push ran TF outta his verse. This was a nice little three-song drop. I don’t know if it’ll throw me into weeklong journey into Joey’s music, but I’m glad I decided to listen to it. And the cover art is absolutely stunning.

Spilled Milk 1 (2019) by Bas

I’m not really sure why it took me so long to listen to this whole thing. I’ve listened to “Fried Rice” many a time, and I guess I just got so caught up in that song that I forgot to listen to the other 3 lol. But I was reminded that this mini project existed, after seeing the “Jollof Rice” remix in my Discover Weekly. It’s really not a bad group of songs at all. I definitely like the original “Jollof Rice” a lot better than the remix. “Fried Rice” was a song that took a minute to grow on me when I first heard it (Bas’s verse just wasn’t hitting),

but after the third or fourth listen I was a big big fan. “Nirvana” has a really nice vibe. I could see myself listening to it and “Tribe” on repeat for hours, pretending like I’m on a beach baking in the sun. Same with “Amnesia.” It definitely had my little shoulders MOVING; a really great Ari Lennox feature on there, as well. Really, all the features on these songs were SOLID!


LOL ANOTHER Denzel Curry sighting on my Discover Weekly – I think Spotify knows that I love Denzel. This time he was on RIMON’s “Got My Back.” I think this is the first time I’m hearing him as a feature on a woman’s song – could be wrong about that, though – which I LOVED to see. The production on this song is so so gooooood – it’s jazzy, saxophone-heavy, and super smooth. It reminded me of how much I didn’t like Denzel’s early “love” songs. They were all very corny lol. This one is so much better; his verse is short, but he adds a quick something special to it that I liked. And RIMON’s voice is amazing. Really great song. “Smile 2” by Slauson Malone and Maxo wasn’t a bad follow up to “Got My Back.” It was really short, but I enjoyed it.

Bootsy Collins and Kali Uchis are one of my favorite duos, and they DID THAT on Booty’s “Worth My While.” I still like “After the Storm” better, but this one is definitely very close in quality. Very funky, and I love how slow the tempo is. Bootsy’s voice is so perfect. Westside Gunn popped up on my Discover Weekly – y’all know how I feel about his music lol – and I feel the exact same about “Elizabeth.” Like I said with Pray For Paris (2020), his voice is really just TOO MUCH for me. And the adlibs are very aggressive. But the production is amazing! Like, I want to like it, but I just can’t get all the way there. “tiptoe” by Milo was another song with really amazing production – loved his flow on here as well. Really not a bad group of songs.

About to go relisten to “Nirvana”!!!

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