Bite-sized Album Review #15: Benny the Butcher’s ‘The Plugs I Met’

So after a slightly unsavory experience listening to Westside Gunn’s Pray for Paris (2020), I decided I’d give some of the other folks in Griselda a chance. Conway the Machine and Benny the Butcher had some really solid verses on PFP, so I figured I’d like their solo projects more. After seeing that The Plugs I Met (2019) was restocked on the Get On Down website, I decided to buy it and take a chance on listening to Benny first. And I had a much better listening experience!

Thematic Cohesion

LOL I can’t give the thematic cohesion on this project anything less than a 5. The title (and cover art) promises that we were gonna get that drug talk, that plug talk. And that’s exactly what we got. But in a classy way lol – like Pusha T (who I was very excited to hear on the penultimate song on this project). I do like that we get some glimpses of not only Benny’s life in the past, but we also get a glimpse at how that life impacts the ways that he moves now. So there’s that little bit of reflection and growth that I love to hear on projects.

Sonic Cohesion

There’s really nothing but bars. This whole project could be a soundtrack to a movie. The production is great; there’s not a whole bunch going on with it, but it’s perfect in its simplicity. I love the keys looping on “Sunday School;” it makes me feel like something is about to HAPPEN. Really the piano loops in general are crazy throughout the project. Very eerie! The features on this are also really good. I already mentioned Push on “18 Wheeler,” but I love Black Thought on “Crowns for Kings” and Conway on “Dirty Harry.”

Vibe Check

There’s something kind of haunting about this project that I’m really into. Like I said, throughout this project, it feels like something is about to happen. Like you need to watch your back, so you don’t get caught up.

Replay Value

I was originally gonna give this project a 1 on replay value (lol like I give every other project), because I currently only have “18 Wheeler” saved on Spotify. But I could see myself throwing this on my record player while I’m writing. Even without paying attention to the lyrics, the production enough is replay-worthy (and the whole second side of the record is instrumentals, so you KNOW I’m gonna be hitting that up). So I’ll give this project a 3 off the strength of me eventually playing this A LOT once I have the record (on Monday 🙂 ). Plus, it’s very short. And y’all know I love a short project.

3 songs i dig…

“18 Wheeler” “5 to 50” and “Crown for Kings” (but also there are only 7 songs on here and they’re all good lol)

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to The Plugs I Met on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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