DISCOVER WEEKLY #5 (ft. Victoria Monet & Baby Rose)

Back at it again with another week! I just got two of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, so I’m feeling kinda OUT OF IT. But, music has been holding me down, as I struggle to keep my life together. I’ve never missed eating chips more than I do right now. But I will say that I expected a lot more pain than I’ve been having. There was a bit of a rough patch last night, but nothing worse than some toothaches I’ve had, and I haven’t experienced any pain at all today! So I’m hoping that that means I’m in for a not so horrible time. Pray for me!

Jaguar (2020) by Victoria Monet

I’ve been wanting to get into Victoria Monet for a MINUTE. I always see gifs of her videos on Tumblr, and every time I’m like “I NEED to listen to her music.” The closest I got was listening to her verse on Lupe Fiasco’s “Kill” from Drogas LIGHT (2017), which I loved. The whole song is amazing, to be honest.

I was, again, scrolling through Tumblr, and someone that I was following was asking for song recommendations. It was my time to shine lol. So I offered them some recommendations, and they sent back Victoria’s JAGUAR as a recommendation for me. This was the push that I needed to finally start listening to her. And the BIGGEST plus was that all of Victoria’s projects are 9 songs or less, and y’all KNOW I love a short project!!!

I really enjoyed JAGUAR. It’s the type of music that you listen to at the roller skating rink and just vibe to on your skates. I’m not the best skater, but I could definitely see myself gliding across the floor to this. And Victoria is such an amazing singer. Every song was great, but I was really digging “Touch Me” (which sounds like a Musiq Soulchild song, so I NEED Musiq on the remix to this. Like, wow. That would be something to hear!). I also really enjoyed “Moment” and “Big Boss (Interlude). I’m glad that I was able to listen to her music, after putting it off for so long.

To Myself (2020) by Baby Rose

On the first Discover Weekly – when it was Discover (Last)Weekly – I talked about “Sold Out” and how it was so good that I needed to add Baby Rose’s newest project to my “to listen” list. Welp. I did it. Kinda lol. I’m saving Golden Hour (2020) for later, but I DID listen to To Myself (edit: I have, a week later lol, realized that Golden Hour is primarily songs from To Myself, sans the first song – which was great, btw.). And it was a really solid set of songs. I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE her voice. Looking at her, I would have never expected to hear what I heard from her. It’s like mix of Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, and I’m COMPLETELY here for it. COMPLETELY. It’s such a powerful and slightly haunting project. The production isn’t simple, but it’s not the type of production that has a bunch of bells and whistles all over the place, so Baby Rose’s voice really shines.

Every word she says lingers way past when it comes out of her mouth. She has such a unique sound and that really makes this such a unique project. I don’t know if I could listen to it all the time because I feel like I’d be thrown into a big pile of sadness and despair and F E E L I N G S (I imagine that being said in Ella Mai’s voice lol), but I have a playlist of songs that I was hoping to find a particular vibe for, and I found a bunch of them on To Myself. So I WILL be listening to a few songs from this project often, and Baby Rose’s other projects have for sure made it to the “to listen” list.


No Denzel sighting this week – SAD 😦 – but I did finally listen to Anderson .Paak’s “Lockdown (Remix)” with JID, Jay Rock, and Noname. JID sounded amazing as usual, it was GREAT to hear a new Noname verse (I never would have pictured Andy .Paak and Noname on the same song, but now I kinda need a collab project), and Jay Rock is always a welcomed presence – I love him on smooth, groovy beats like this. I just…love Black folks. I tried listening to 645AR’s “Sum Bout U” with FKA Twigs, but I just…couldn’t lol. The pitch was just TOO HIGH, and it was disturbing my peace of mind. I haven’t really listened to Dababy in a while, so I figured I’d take this chance to listen to “BLIND” with Young Thug. I really like the production – literally as soon as it started playing, I could tell that Thug was gonna be FIRE on this, and I was RIGHT. I also liked that Dabay served us a little bit of vocals in the chorus.

Spent some time with “Central Time” by Vansire (featuring Mick Jenkins). Very groovy, very 80s prom, very end credits of a teen romcom; I didn’t know how Mick was gonna sound on something like this, but I didn’t hate it! I kinda wish it was his song, though! Like, I could’ve used a whole 3 minutes of him on this production; it kind of felt like they were on two different songs – but definitely not a bad song, and I like that Mick was out of his usual production on this. I listened to “Deadly Assassin Summer Squad” by Guapdad 4000 right after, and the transition from “Central Time” was CRAZY (so I recommend that, if you’re looking for a little experience). I do really like “Deadly Assassin Summer Squad,” and I remain a lowkey member of the Guapdad stan club. I hadn’t planned to listen to “Quick” by Duckwrth so soon (I don’t know why, I love me some Duck, but I wanted to wait a little longer lol), but it started playing after Guapdad so I was like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Duck never lets me down, so I expected nothing less than the greatness he served. And finally, IDK’s “Cereal” with JID and Kenny Mason. Great song. JID and IDK never lose. IDK stan for life.

I’m tired of eating soup and yogurt 😦 😦

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