DISCOVER WEEKLY #6 (ft. CHIKA & Rico Nasty)

Here we are on this eighth day post-wisdom teeth removal. Last night was the first night that I didn’t “need” to take some pain medicine before I went to sleep, so it’s starting to feel like I’m no longer in a world surrounded by irritation and soft foods. I’m tired of eating beans and pasta. I want FLAVORS and TEXTURES.

Anyway…on to the Discover Weekly. It’s a short one this week #washday…gotta keep that twist out fleeky!


Let me start off my saying I had already decided to stan CHIKA, after hearing “Can’t Explain It” and seeing a freestyle video that she posted on Twitter. However, other than those two moments, I hadn’t really listened to her music much, and it was the freestyle video that led me to my decision to stop playing myself. I was really hoping that she had at least one project out that I could listen to, and lo and behold: INDUSTRY GAMES (2020).

What a great project. And I think it’s an amazing opportunity to see just how expansive Black femininity can be. I mentioned yesterday – with Rico’s Nasty – that Black women are often (in an attempt to dispel any truths to the stereotypical anger and aggression that’s often latched onto Black womanness) led into this need to perform softness, daintiness, and overt sexuality. And what that exposes is the inability for Black women to exist in multitudes.

What CHIKA shows us with INDUSTRY GAMES is that Black women are expansive. There are moments on here that are hard-hitting, but there are also softer moments on here, where CHIKA talks about love. She goes from talking about running lyrical raps around anyone that we think has bars to talking about wanting to run home to the woman she loves and having baths surrounded by flower petals. Like…………..the RANGE!!!!!!! And it’s a beautiful project because she shows so many different sides of herself.

The production is great. CHIKA bodies every verse. It’s SHORT. There’s nothing else I can say about this project. It’s *chef’s kiss* and I have decided to continue to stan.

ANGER MANAGEMENT (2019) by Rico Nasty

I think I like Anger Management better than Nasty! It just feels a little bit more put together, and Rico’s bars feel more solid on this project. Y’all know I’m a big fan of a short project, so I was HAPPY to spend 20 minutes with Rico and Kenny, who went OFF on the production. There’s not really a central theme on this project, but it feels a little bit more curated.

There’s still that raw and edgy sound that we get on Nasty, though. Plenty of it. Anger Management has me pretty excited to hear a new project from Rico; I saw she released a song a couple of days ago, so I’ll definitely have to check that out at some point.


None this week (I’ll have some next week, though), but I just watched the Weeknd’s Alone With Me thing that he did with Spotify, and I’ve never been more stressed in my LIFE. Let me go finish these twists. Pray for my fingers!!

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