Bite-sized Album Review #17: Lucky Daye’s ‘Painted’

I was originally going to do a First Listen for Ghostface Killah’s Fishscales (2006) for today, since that’s the record I’ll be receiving for September from Vinyl Me Please. But that album is too LONG, and y’all know I don’t like a long project. So I decided finally listen to Lucky Daye’s Painted (2019), but since I don’t have a bunch to say, I figured a Bite-Sized Album Review made more sense for this. I’ve actually been meaning to listen to Painted for a minute, after seeing Dashaun Harrison talk very highly about this project on their Twitter either earlier this year or last year. I have a First Listen coming up – so we aren’t actually missing the FL for this week! – on BEST KEPT SECRET (2020) by TWOFACE and Painted is a project that TWOFACE mentioned was one of his favorites. So it seemed like fate. I was gonna make a “it’s my lucky day” joke, but…I’ll save it lol.

we LOVE seeing darkskinned Black women receiving LOVE in music videos

Thematic Cohesion

This is definitely an R&B album. So the majority of the conversations on this project are centered on love, which ain’t no problem. I don’t listen to R&B a lot – and when I do, it’s the same 4 people over and over again – so it was nice to take a break from hip hop for a second and a break from my usuals. It’s funny because I actually was looking on Reddit a couple of days ago, and someone was asking about hip hop songs that handle conversations about love and heartbreak maturely, and no one could really give an answer lol. Someone then mentioned that that’s an area of expertise that’s typically found in R&B music, rather than hip hop, and I gotta agree. Singers just address love and heartbreak better than rappers, and Painted is the perfect example of that ability.

Sonic Cohesion

The project is pretty solidly built on funk-inspired production and vocalization (a la Bruno, The Weeknd, and Andy .Paak), and I always associate that sound with summertime. So it seems like it was meant to be for me to wait this long to listen to it (edit: Painted was released last summer, so I wasn’t too far off from detecting the vibe). There are some R&B sounds on here that are reminiscent of folks like 6LACK and PARTYNEXTDOOR, but a sort of shoulder-moving grooviness follows Lucky Daye throughout the majority of the project. There’s a nice blend of sounds on here, though.

Vibe Check

“something fun, something for the summertime”

Replay Value

Right now, I have 4 of the 13 songs from the original version of the project saved to my Spotify library, but I can see this very easily becoming one of those projects I reach for when I need to have something nice on in the background while I write. So I’ll give it a 3 that has the potential to turn into a 4 or 5 at any moment.

3 songs i dig…

“Real Games” “Roll Some Mo” and “Try Your Fire”

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Overall Album Rating

(listen to Painted on spotify, by clicking on the image below)

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