record store day 001

I didn’t really have anything to do for a TAKE on this week, so here I am to talk about my Record Store Day experience. Because…what a TIME that was.

So, unfortunately, because we’re still in a pandemic, I was NOT interested in going out and being in anybody’s crowd at a record store. I bought Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet (2013) from a record store not to far away from where I live and signed up for their email list pretty soon afterwards.

lol here’s the scam that led to me getting because the internet

TAKE #11: S C A M M E D.

Whew. This isn’t the normal “TAKE” content, but I have a story to tell lol. Here we go. So as you should know by now, I’ve started getting serious into collecting vinyl records. It’s something that I’ve always been moderately interested in, but once I got back to GA, I figured starting a collection was … Continue reading TAKE #11: S C A M M E D.

I didn’t find out about RSD until about a month into my time as a new vinyl collector (so that was maybe around April?), but I was here for it immediately and had a couple of things that I was hoping to grab. I have maintained that this blog acts as a stan blog (not really, stanning is fake lol) for a couple of different artists, including Tyler the Creator, Denzel Curry, and The Weeknd. And guess who had records coming out during RSD? ALLUM! So I was hype. I was a big big fan of Denzel’s cover of “Bulls on Parade” (I really just love Denzel in general lol), so I was definitely excited for that one. There were 2500 of those. My Dear Melancholy (2018) remains in my Weeknd circulation (3000 of those), and Cherry Bomb (2015) is was the last Tyler record that I needed to complete my collection of his official pressings (7250 of those). Plus, I don’t know if I’m gonna like my Vinyl Me Please ROTM for September – Ghostface Killah’s Fishscale (2006) – so I wanted to at least be able to grab some records that I actually wanted this month. But, because the RSD folks were allowing record stores themselves to determine how they were going to manage the drop, I didn’t know how or if I was going to be able to get anything. Then the email of my dreams came out, and my local record store said that they were planning on only dropping RSD items online (at 1pm) on August 29th. “BET IT UP THEN,” blazed through my mind. They sent out some interest forms to check to see what people wanted, and there was nothing left to do but wait.

The day before and the morning of, I decided to check around on a list of small record shops that I have website links for saved in a folder Chrome to see if anyone else was going to only be releasing their stuff online. My local store was only going to have Cherry Bomb and My Dear Melancholy, so I needed to find a place that was going to have “Bulls on Parade.” Something that I have learned in my five months of being a collector is that there are a couple of online record stores that everyone knows about. Fatbeats, Rough Trade, Newbury Comics, Zia Records, Amoeba Records, Turntable Lab, and Port of Sounds are a some of the ones that people frequent pretty heavily. So I knew that even if some of those places had the things I was looking for, it was almost guaranteed that I wouldn’t actually be able to get anything from there. Luckily, once I found out about RSD, I used the website to create a bit of an arsenal of smaller shops with websites to look for records on. And it was through that arsenal that I found a couple of places that were selling “Bulls on Parade,” as well as Cherry Bomb and My Dear Melancholy. Around 9:30am, I pulled up every website I could, ate some banana bread, took some deep breaths, stared at my computer screen for an hour, and then proceeded to go do some stuff around the house, while I waited for 1pm EST to hit.

As soon as 12:50pm showed on my clock, I grabbed my computer (with Chrome open to Cherry Bomb‘s ordering screen on my local record store’s website) and phone, ran to my room, and started to count down the minutes. When I tell you I’ve NEVER clicked anything faster than I did when I clicked the refresh button until the “add to cart” button for Cherry Bomb popped up????? The adrenaline was pumping! My heart felt like it was gonna fly out of my mouth! Then I clicked on My Dear Melancholy and raced to checkout the two of them. In the 30 seconds that it took me to get to the checkout screen, someone had SNATCHED My Dear Melancholy from me. Devastated, I raced to at least finish buying Cherry Bomb. Got ’em. After that, I pulled up the next tab I open with MDM, and was able to order that one from a record store in Tacoma, Washington. Last thing I needed to grab was “BOP,” which was gonna be the hardest one. I started going down my list of tabs, and finally came to one open for a store in New York, one of the few stores that had a copy that I could buy online. I clicked add to cart, checked out, and took a breath.

I was able to get all of the records I wanted. In 7 minutes. And in that 7 minutes those same records were selling out on other websites. I did NOT expect to get anything on RSD lol. I was hoping it was gonna work out, but I had zero expectation that I was gonna walk away with anything, let alone all three records that I wanted, albeit from different record stores in different states lol. I checked the lists for the other two days, and it looks like the first drop is it for me – didn’t see anything I wanted on those other days. But I might pull up a random website, just to see how long it’s gonna take for records to sell out on those other days. For sport lol.

I do hope in the future I’ll be able to actually go to a store for RSD, but I didn’t hate not having to elbow someone in the nose for The Weeknd. Because I would have done what needed to be done 🙂

(but not really, i would have just cried about not getting it later on. but really i would have been there early to ENSURE that i got it)

My tips for record store day:

  • don’t sleep on the smaller record stores – research, research, research
  • if you can make an account on those websites, do IT. it’ll save you time during the checkout phase
  • use paypal! it’s faster!
  • pray!

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