vinyl library #3: j. cole’s ‘kod’

I am so tired, y’all LOL. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night – intrusive thoughts will do that to you – so I’m sitting in my bed struggling to put all of this together, because Virgo season won’t allow me to skip a day (currently listening to “Wipe Me Down” to keep me from falling asleep). Plus, while looking through my record collection to see what record I wanted to highlight this week for vinyl library, I was reminded that my Weekend After Hours (2020) signed, holographic vinyl shipped out a couple days ago – after a five month long wait! And so in honor of The Weekend, After Hours, and my ever-surprising patience, I decided to highlight another project that I waited a long time for.

This week we have J. Cole’s ‘KOD’ (2020)

the 12 tracks that make up KOD come on a single LP. i have a limited edition copy – for reasons i’ll explain in a bit – and that version of the project is the bubblegum pink color variant, with an exclusive cover. it’s cute, but i do feel like there was. a missed opportunity to make the record some kind of magenta and purple swirl to match the cover.

I’ve mentioned before that my journey to get KOD has been a long one. The album came out April 2018 and I just received the project a couple months ago.

I remember liking KOD a lot after the first couple listens. I will never forget watching the video for “ATM” for the first time and feeling like we were being ushered into a new era of J. Cole. Video was something that we had never gotten from him before, his flow was different, the production was different…everything about “ATM” felt like J. Cole stepping out of his comfort zone. I ended up liking the project enough that I wanted to buy one of the shirt and record bundles that had popped up on the KOD webstore not to long after the album dropped. I was short on money, but I needed the dopamine rush that KOD in physical form was gonna give me. I believe the initial shipping date for the project was supposed to be a few months later. LOL.

So with my limited money, decided to treat myself and spend it on J Cole since I enjoyed the project so much. The shirt didn’t take too long to come, i waited for a long time to get this record. At some point during for the initial shippind date, the webstore send an email out saying that there were some delays in production or something had happened that was causing there to be pushed back on when we would receive the project. Eventually, the store sends out an email saying that there was a production problem and the shipping date was going to be pushed back. And then another email gets sent out a few months later (not sure how many months, too tired to look lol) saying something similar, but a result of a different problem. They did offer a refund option, if people didn’t wanna wait, but I was GONNA GET KOD lol.

At that point, they told us that the signed copy wasn’t an option, but they were prepared to send a limited edition of the project instead to folks who still wanted one. Eventually after some more time waiting for the project to come, I saw someone on Reddit post a picture of the edition of the vinyl that we were supposed to get.And I commented on that post saying that I hoped my own KOD journey was going to end soon. 2020 was trash, but it could kinda be redeemed if KOD came. Lo and behold, the next day the project showed up on my doorstep. The Dreamville Gods had heard my prayers and decided to finally blessed me with the record. The record came in pretty decent shape; there are some spots that skip/pop, which is unfortunate since I had to wait so long, but I’m just glad that I finally am able to close that chapter on this record. Though I don’t listen to it as much as I did TWO years ago, it’s still one of my favorites, and I’m happy to have it.

Lil’ Facts

Officially became a part of the collection on idk lol a couple months ago!

Bought from:

J.Cole KOD Webstore

Year of Album Release: 2018

Runtime: 42 minutes

Discogs Release Page

Jacket Style: Gatefold

Format: LP

Lowest Price on Discogs (as of 9/3/20): $75

Highest Price on Discogs (as of 9/3/20): $1000 (lmaoo)

Record Player Set Up Specs:

Turntable: Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Automatic Bluetooth Turntable in Black (from Turntable Lab)

Speakers: Edifier R1280DB Powered Speakers in Black (from Turntable Lab)

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