DISCOVER WEEKLY #8 (ft. Bad Brains)

It’s been a pretty decent day so far. So I have this cat that I’ve mentioned before lol and for some reason she keeps trying to go into the kitchen, after I’ve made it reasonably clear that she shouldn’t be there. And she KEEPS going in there. And then she runs away when I see her in there because she KNOWS she should be there. She’s currently laying down next to me, but I’m giving her the side eye just in case she tries to make a break for the kitchen.

Bad Brains (1982)

After listening to Denzel Curry’s cover of “I Against I” and realizing that it was a cover of a song from a Black punk band, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I needed to take a listen some songs from Bad Brains. And I figured a decent place to start was with their first project.

I think it’s going to take me a couple more listens to really know how I feel about it, but it wasn’t bad. It was difficult to tell when one song began and another one ended, at times, so that kept me going back and forth to Spotify to see if I was on a different song or not. But I did really like the combination of punk and reggae on this. I was reading through the group’s Spotify (before the project got to the more reggae-inspired pars) and was curious

how those sounds were going to come together. I don’t know if I have the full vision of that yet (it was VERY hard to hear the vocals because the guitars and drums were just…so loud lol), but I do like that the reggae moments on here feel like a bit of a palate cleanser, before the project moves into the next punk track.

I Against I (1986)

I think I like I Against I better than Bad Brains. First off, the streaming quality of this project is a LOT better than Bad Brains, which isn’t the group’s fault lol but it makes listening to I Against I a much more enjoyable experience. I also think that the instrumentation doesn’t overpower the vocals on the songs on this project like they do on Bad Brains, so I can actually hear what’s being said. To that end, I Against I feels like it’s a much more put together project than Bad Brains.

It feels like the band had found its stride by this point, so everything sounds like it stays in the pocket without feeling too disjointed. I can definitely see myself listening to a lot of songs from this project. I do miss the reggae songs, though. So I will give Bad Brains so extra love for that. And shout out to Denzel. He really DID THAT on his cover of “I Against I;” really felt like he did the song justice.


My copy of tobi lou live on ice (2019) that I finally got around to ordering came a few hours ago, and “CRYBABY” by Dijon definitely feets the bouncy sad-and-happy-at-the-same-time rap that I expect to hear on tobi’s project. I’ve heard Daniel on production that I like better than the production on Jiin’s “Fucked Up,” but every time I hear Daniel, I’m reminded of how he ostensibly stunted his career by trying to claim that Black people are too mean to white people blah blah blah. Anderson .Paak is the best part of Nas’s “All Bad, and I’m reminded that I need to check out King’s Disease (2020). Andy .Paak can really never do any wrong. NEVER.

“Glitch” by Buddy and Tinashe was fine – the cover art is better than the song, imo. Paul Epworth’s “Mars and Venus” wasn’t bad – it was nice to hear Vince on this. I really wanna spend some time with Amine’s Limbo (2020) at some point soon; “Woodlawn” proved that to me. I love the production on there; I think I heard “Compensating” a couple weeks ago, and thought it was pretty good as well. Think I’m gonna hit up Limbo within the next couple of weeks. I expected to like Idontknowjeffery and Cuco’s “See Me With Her” a lot more than I did. Really not a fan, especially of Cuco’s verse. I want him to be the background of my tears and this….this was NOT it. Had to skip it after the first minute or so. “Come Over” by Tom the Mail Man is IT, though. I like this song A LOT. The guitar. The way the drums come in towards the middle of the song. The vest he has on on the cover. It’s all great. “Pleasantville” by Jozzy has a really really nice vibe to it. Thundercat’s “Dragonball Z Durag” NEEDED Smino and Guapdad 4000 – I’m really glad that happened on the remix. I was curious to hear a Kelani and Syd track – not sure if they’ve been on a song together before Disclosure’s “Birthday” – and I would like to see a collab EP. And, finally, Cordae and Roddy Ricch’s “Gifted” – a solid track! I don’t really listen to either of them a lot, but I have liked what I’ve heard, including this song. They’re a pretty good duo! Hoping to finally finish listening to Please Excuse Me for Being Anti-Social (2019) and The Lost Boy (2019) at some point soon as well. Looks like I have a lot of work to do.

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