vinyl library #4: tyler the creator’s ‘cherry bomb’

Happy Friday! I’m actually writing this up on Thursday because my ~birthday~ is tomorrow (Saturday), so I’m trying to finish up thursday email for this week, before I fly off to birthday land. My mom and I are trying our hands at making some sushi on Saturday – I’m a big sushi fan – since we really aren’t tryna be at too many restaurants. We’re also making some miso soup and bubble tea (which is really about to HIT if I can get it right). And she bought me a red velvet cake, which we’re currently in the car on the way to pick up, so in honor of me catching the itis after having way too much red velvet cake tomorrow…

This week we have Tyler the Creator’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ (2015)

13 songs. 2 BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL LPs in a red color variant. There’s also a 8-page booklet that comes with the records that includes the liner notes, as well as some photos that really took me back to 2015.

I actually have a STRONG memory of being very disappointed with this album when I first heard it. My high school got renovated between my junior and senior years, and that renovation included adding some extra classrooms and hallways to the back part of the school. So you’d go from this very dingy gray linoleum floor to bright white paint and linoleum that reflected the sun coming from the sun roofs that they added.

My senior year homeroom/Math class was in a classroom in the newer wing, and I remember standing outside the door with one of my close friends, talking about Cherry Bomb. We were both in agreeance that we didn’t really like what we heard. Sounded too much like Tyler was mimicking the styles of other artists, namely Pharrell and N.E.R.D., and it didn’t give us the same vibe as Goblin (2011) or Wolf (2013).

I re-listened to the project a couple years ago (maybe 3?), and realized that I was TRIPPING, and Cherry Bomb is actually an amazing album. The influence of different artists is definitely there, but Tyler makes it his own and it comes off as this really cool hybrid of rock, rap, and jazz. It was the first time that I was confronted with how bad of an idea it is to hold on too tightly to an artist’s past work, when engaging with a new project, and I’ve tried to not do that as much as possible ever since. I reference Tyler the Creator’s Funk Flex interview a lot (and this particular part of it every time I bring it up lol) but there’s a part in that interview where he talks about how artists need to make albums based on their present lives and feelings and how fans shouldn’t expect to get the same album more than once.

He also makes it a point to remind his fans of that every time he releases an album. Of course, we all have albums that made us fall in love with our favorite folks, and we want to feel that same love and excitement every time they release something. But artists have to make for themselves first; at the end of the day, we’re just witnesses to the things they make. And we’re lucky that we even have the chance to listen or see the things they create. I played myself by forgetting that lol and missed out on years worth of listening to Cherry Bomb. Trying my best to not let that happen again.

You can read a bit about my first Record Store Day (online) here!

Lil’ Facts

Officially became a part of the collection on September 8, 2020

Bought from:

Comeback Vinyl during Record Store Day

Year of Album Release: 2015

Runtime: 54 minutes

Discogs Release Page

Jacket Style: Gatefold

Format: 2LP

Lowest Price on Discogs (as of 9/11/20): $41

Highest Price on Discogs (as of 9/11/20): $174

Record Player Set Up Specs:

Turntable: Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Automatic Bluetooth Turntable in Black (from Turntable Lab)

Speakers: Edifier R1280DB Powered Speakers in Black (from Turntable Lab)

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