DISCOVER WEEKLY #10 (ft. Lupe Fiasco and Kelis)

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been outside all day like it’s the summertime lol. I took a bike ride earlier to find a library near where I live that I had NO clue about. It’s not open for obvious reasons, but I’m happy I know where it is. After that, I took a ride around the university across the street from my house. I forgot how much I loved being on a university/college campus and in an academic space, and I need to return to that environment ASAP. There are a couple of nice lakes on the campus as well, so I’m planning on spending a lot of time over there before it gets cold. I hate that I didn’t get my bike together during the summer (had to put it back together, after taking it apart to get it back home during season 1 of COVID), but now that it’s cooler in the mornings, I’m hoping to make up for that lost time. My bike tunes for today ended up being Kelis’s Tasty (2003) – we’ll talk about that on Thursday and some of Spilligion (2020). Bike rides are TRULY transformative experiences. Now, I’m sitting outside in my backyard with my cat, as she’s walking around on her leash trying to figure out how to catch the birds that are flying in and out of trees.

Kaleidoscope (1999)

After becoming a pretty big fan of Kelis after listening to Wanderland (2001) for the first time last week, I made a promise to myself that I would listen to the rest of her discography. There were a few tracks on Wanderland that had more of a rock lean to them, and I NEEDED to hear Kelis on more tracks like that. So my trip through the rest of her albums continued with Kaleidoscope.

The project didn’t really offer much in the way of rock, but it was definitely the more R&B of the two projects. And it was pretty good! I mean, it’s Kelis – talented – and the Neptunes – talented. So there wasn’t really a potential for it to be a bad project. I will say, though, that it was a little less memorable than Wanderland. It was the weird stuff that really pulled Wanderland out as something special for me, and that sound wasn’t really there on Kaleidoscope.

I did like a couple of songs, though. “I Want Your Love” and “In the Morning,” were two tracks that I liked a lot. But going through (very briefly) the other tracks using Discover Quickly (if you’ve never used this before, PLEASE do yourself a favor), it seems like there should have been more tracks on here that I liked, so I think I’m gonna have to revisit this project again. Definitely not a bad one, but I’m slightly underwhelmed by it.

TAPE TAPE (2020)

I thought we were gonna get a little bit more with TAPE TAPE than we did (i.e. I expected more songs), but I did enjoy “Oh Yes” and “Apologetic” a lot. When I heard that Lupe was dropping a trap project with Soundtrakk, I was a little concerned. Some of his lighter (in topic) and trap-inspired attempts on DROGAS Light (2017) and HOUSE EP (2020) felt a little….yikes. They either felt half done or felt like a metaphor I didn’t understand.

TAPE TAPE just felt like Lupe and Sountrakk having fun. And I love that for them. I do love a good woke Lupe track, but we’ve gottten SO many of those over the past couple of years, that it’s nice to hear him take a load off.


I’m not sure why Pivot Gang’s “Hero” popped up in my Discover Weekly for this week because I have definitely already heard that song (though I haven’t heard all of You Can’t Sit With Us (2019)) and liked it a lot, but it was there lol. So was Action Bronson and the Alchemist’s “Dmtri,” which I really liked – another reminder of what Westside Gunn’s Pray for Paris (2020) could have been. I would have saved it, but there was some talking at the end and idontlekdat. “Reckless” by Arin Ray was verrrry reminiscent to something from the Weeknd, but I enjoyed it. I wanted to like Zacari and Che Ecru’s “This Woman’s Work” (off the strength of Maxwell’s vocals and range on his “This Woman’s Work”), but I just couldn’t do it. What it did do though was give me the knowledge that “This Woman’s Work” is NOT Maxwell’s song originally????? It’s a cover of someone else’s song?????? Someone named Kate Bush??????? I feel like I’m not supposed to know that information lol.

“Show Love” by Everything is Recorded, Syd (LOVE), and Sampha was pretty good. I feel like it’s a song I could like a lot, if I listen to it more, so I’m gonna save it to my library and see what happens (edit: I just remembered that I listened to it at the beginning of my bike ride, and it HITS). “Yahlubba (nnu)” by Mndsgn was nice; I’m a big fan of “Come Live With Me Angel” by Marvin Gaye, so Mndsgn’s remix was definitely a winner. Maxine Ashley’s “Lobster” has a nice vibe; If I was back in high school when I was really into the Weeknd’s Trilogy (2011) mixtapes and JMSN’s early music, I would be all over “Lobster.” Zay NOIR and Mick Jenkin’s “Family” was good; I loved hearing Mick Jenkins rap over guitar-heavy production. I wouldn’t hate it if he did a rock song or two a la Denzel’s cover of “Bulls On Parade.” I wish I had Xavier Omar and Jae Stephen’s “All Our Time” during the summer; I feel like it could really during a bike ride in late July (if I had my bike together lol). Ever since Travis Scott came out with that McDonalds collab, I can’t think about him without thinking about how he was selling $90 chicken nugget pillows on his website (which I just saw a listing on StockX for $550) LOL. “FRANCHISE” wasn’t bad, though; I loved Thug on this and M.I.A.’s feature was nice; it just felt like it was missing a Quavo verse. I didn’t know what to expect from a song with 6LACK and Elton John, but Gorillaz’s “The Pink Phantom” showed that that wouldn’t be the worse thing in the world. The synergy was off a little bit and, at times, it fel like I was listening to two different songs at once, but I liked it!

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