Another day, another bike ride. I really don’t know what I’d do with my life, if I didn’t have a bike. Probably cry more than I already do lol. It’s just such a great way to experience where you live in a different way. It’s not quite the same as walking or the same as driving, but it has the good pieces of both. And that, paired with some neo-soul??????? WOW.

I found a neo-soul playlist on Spotify that I decided on as the background music to my bike ride and discovered some great songs on there. So instead of my usual two EPs (because I didn’t listen to any this week), I’ll talk about some of the songs I discovered on there, plus my usual Discover Weekly tracks.

from the “Neo-Soul / Soulful R&B” playlist

Started my bike ride off with Bilal’s “Soul Sister,” which I didn’t get to fully enjoy because as I biked down the sidewalk, I realized I didn’t have my beanie on and my BONNET was just flowing in the wind LOL! But it’s a very nice song, and Bilal has a great voice. Loved him on Kendrick Lamar’s “These Walls.” I’m sad to say that today was my first time listening to a Georgia Anne Muldrow song, BUT I’m happy to say that it was “Run Away.” SUCH a beautiful song, and I recognized it immediately as having been sampled in Masego’s “Small Talk (TrapScat T0 Cali)” from Loose Thoughts (2016) – which is an AMAZING project. Muldrow’s song is just as perfect. Another song that I recognized from a sample was Dwele’s “Find a Way;” Syd uses his flow for ‘”Just Sayin’/I Tried” on the Internet’s Ego Death (2015). I can’t describe how excited I was to recognize that lol. I had to stop myself from flying off the sidewalk. The drums on this track are great. Ooh!!!! Common’s “Come Close” is *chef’s kiss*. I was walking my bike past a bubble tea place (at the time of listening) and heard a familiar voice in my one earphone. I thought it was my friend Yasiin Bey, but as soon as the first verse started, I realized it was my other friend Common. I DIDN’T pick up that Miss Mary J. Blige was the female vocalist on this track until looking at the song specs later, though. But re-listening to it….OF COURSE it was Miss MJB!!!! I don’t know how that slipped my mind. I will be listening to this track a lot to make up for my faults. Last mentionable bike ride track was Zhanè’s “Crush” (edit: I just realized how to type accent marks on my Mac lol I had been Google searching letters with accent marks this whole time and copy/pasting…). I don’t BELIEVE I’ve listened to a Zhanè track outside of “Hey Mr. DJ,” so I didn’t recognize who was singing on this track. But the fact that it was Zhanè has led me to the conclusion that I have to listen to one of their albums as soon as possible.


Peyton and Steve Lacy’s “Verbs” was nice. Peyton’s voice gave me Jhene Aiko vibes, which I’m not a huge fan of (sometimes whisper vocals can be a little annoying), but I didn’t hate it. I LOVE the production on 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s “Rich Nigga Shit.” So SMOOTH!!! I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about SAVAGE MODE II (2020), and I wanted to let the hype die down a little bit more before I listened to it; however, I might have to hit it up sooner rather than later. Speaking of smooth, Nick Hakim’s “Vincent Tyler” gave me exactly what my soul needed. I tried listening to his latest project, but I wasn’t really feeling the first couple of songs at the time, but “Vincent Tyler” is making me wanna give it another shot. Plus, off the strength of “Green Twins,” he deserves another chance. If you haven’t heard “Green Twins” yet….please do yourself a favor and stop playing unnecessary games with your music library. Mereba has an amazing voice. Xavier Omar has an amazing voice. And the way they come together on “Like I Feel” is blowing my mind!!!!!! It has a kind of 60s-70s soul vibe to it that they both sound beautiful on (it’s giving Marvin Gaye, specifically), and the HARMONIESSSSSSSS have me very much shaking in my boots.

I REALLY like MadeinTYO’s “BET Uncut” with Smino and Chance the Rapper! Smino IS the best part of this song, but I’m here for it as a whole. Had me like this the whole time. It’s one of those slightly ignorant songs that I can really get behind. Now, I’m slightly burned out at all the new Weeknd we’ve been getting lately (I be needing a couple months to digest his music, and we’ve been getting something from him essentially every month since the beginning of COVID), but when I saw that he and Kenny G did a remix of “In Your Eyes,” I needed to hear it. Especially since I loved them performing together during Abel’s Time100 performance. Turns out, this is really just “In Your Eyes” with Kenny G doing the sax parts and giving us a few solos. Loved it, but slightly unnecessary. I did like Kenny’s solo at the end, though. The revolution will sound like IDK’s “King Alfred.” Completely here for this song. Him and Yachty did THAT. We just…really love IDK. Andddd I’ve never heard a bad Carter Ace song, and “On My Radar” with Tyler Cole continued Carter Ace’s winning streak. I love them on this. Groovy and sweet. Great vocals from both of them. Feels like the perfect place to end.

Time for a smoothie!

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