TAKE #23: 20 of my favorite song moments (part 1)

I had NO clue what to write about for today, but then I came across a post on Reddit that asked people to share what their favorite 10-30 second moments in songs were. And I feel like this is something that I subconsciously think about often, but I never write them down anywhere, so I don’t remember every small moment in a song that I really love. On one hand, I end up having moments of extreme glee when I hear them again unexpectedly; on the other hand, it’s annoying, and my Virgo brain can’t comprehend why that part of my life is so unorganized lol. So I’m sharing 20 of them here (in two parts…potentially non-sequentially), in hopes that it’ll force me to keep a list of these moments, so I can go back and revisit them. A couple of things: #1: these aren’t my top 20 moments – these are just the ones I was able to recall (either by using Last.FM or my brain… hence why we’re here) and #2: this list is made up of lyrical and production moments – just depends on the song. I wanted to be able to include a Spotify link that took you directly to the part of the song I was referring to, but Spotify’s lame (jk, I love you, Spotify! <3) and I can only do a regular link. But I’ll include the timestamp!

Let’s do it!

#1: the interlude into part 2 of idk’s “black sheep, white dove”

Time Stamp: 2:18 – 2:45

This SONGGGGGG. I just…this song is so beautiful. I‘ve already talked about IWASVERYBAD (2017) and how much I LOVE this song, so I’ll save that. But GOSH. I love the way IDK moves from section to section on this track. There’s this really wild piano that kinda crescendos us into part 2, after the interlude, and then we’re taken into this very smooth and nostalgic moment, where IDK talks about the ways his mom influences him. And I think that part of the song really is the shining moment of an already absolutely perfect song.

#2: the third verse on denzel curry’s “mad i got it”

Time Stamp: 2:39 – 3:20

I’ve basically been obsessed with this part of “Mad I Got It” since I heard it the first time. I love Denzel’s flow on it – it’s a switch up from the flow he uses on the rest of the project. And I’ve always loved the “stick a nigga up, ’cause I’m mad he got it” line. It’s so simple, but it really does encompass the entire message of the song. Read my Bite-Sized Album Review on TABOO (2018) here.

#3: the beginning of kelis’s “glow”

Time Stamp: 0:00 – 0:20

This is just such a FUN intro to a really amazing track. I don’t know if everyone could pull off a song intro like this, but Miss Kelis was able to pull it off. It just really gets your neck and shoulders grooving! I remember hearing this for the first time on a bike ride, and I had to run it back a couple of times because I was in shock; I had never heard a song start like that before. Miss Kelis is just so amazing, and I’ve continued to stan. Read my Bite-Sized Album Review on Tasty (2003) here.

#4: the video sample on childish gambino’s “zealots of stockholm”

Time Stamp: 3:12 – 3:33

I mainly love this part of the song because I LOVE the original video it’s sampled from. I’m not sure what homegirl’s name is, but she’s really a cultural icon, and I’m planning on watching all the videos on her YouTube channel at some point. It would be rude of me to not acknowledge that the “I put a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass” line is the best line from that video, and I quote it to myself OFTEN. Read my thoughts on Because the Internet (2013) here.

#5: the scream at the end of tyler the creator’s “are we still friends?”

Time Stamp: 4:00 – 4:25

When I went to see Tyler during his IGOR tour last year, this part of the song almost made me cry. That’s it; that’s the tweet. Read my thoughts on IGOR (2019) here and here.

#6: john mayer’s guitar solo at the end of frank ocean’s “pyramids”

Time Stamp: 8:16 – 8:46 (but it continues to the end of the song)

channel ORANGE (2012) is full of moments like this. Where there’s just a moment of calm, for lack of a better word. Moments where there’s not a lot going on, but there’s something magical in particular happening that captures your full attention. The guitar at the end of “Pyramids” is one of those moments. I also love this part of the music video — Frank’s like hypnotized, John Mayer’s giving us the guitar solo of the year…I don’t know, it’s just a really cool moment. Read my My Favorite’s of all Time on this album here.

#7: the intro of kanye west’s “father stretch my hands, pt. 1”

Time Stamp: 0:00 – 0:35

We’re really taken on a RIDE at the beginning of this song. When stuff opens back up, you HAVE to listen to this when the plane is getting ready to take off and is zooming down the runway. It hits DIFFERENT. This was such a strong cultural moment when The Life of Pablo (2015) came out; there were so many memes that came from this that I’ve laughed way too hard to. And Cudi sounds so GOOOOOOOOD on here. Definitely the strongest part of this song.

#8: the hook on the weeknd’s as you are”

Time Stamp: 2:23 – 3:03

I’m obsessed with this song. I don’t listen to Beauty Behind the Madness (2015) often, but I listen to “As You Are” at least once a week. The hook just makes me wanna stand in the rain with my arms open, head tilted to the sky. Shirt blowing in the breeze. Singing this at the top of my lungs. And the HARMONIESSSS!!!! He didn’t need to give us those, but he did. And I’m so thankful for it.

#9: the beginning of drake’s “crew love”

Time Stamp: 0:00 – 0:20

Back when I was a big big fan of both the Weeknd and Drake (now one of them’s been dropped lol), I remember losing my MIND when I first heard this song. The Weeknd and Drake had done music together before this came out, but it was a really huge deal hearing Abel on a mainstream song like this. It was his moment of starting to come out of hiding. And it’s such an iconic and STRONG opening to a track; you know it when it comes on.

#10: when isaiah rashad comes in on sza’s “warm winds”

Time Stamp: 3:00 – 3:25

I think this part of the song symbolizes the magic that happens when Isaiah Rashad and SZA get on a track together. They just have this consistent synergy (that I don’t hear from a lot of musical duos) that I’ve basically heard from the beginning with them. It’s like they were meant to be signed to TDE at the same time and meant to create wonderful things together. “Warm Winds,” “Heavenly Father,” “Ronnie Drake,” “West Savannah,” “Stuck in the Mud,” “Pretty Little Birds, them featured together on Childish Major’s “Happy Birthday.” They really have ZERO bad tracks together.

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