Top 5 from the Week #23 (ft. Erykah Badu, Kelis, Latrell James, and N.E.R.D)

Happy Halloween! I’m not a big Halloween person (my life is scary enough…this YEAR has been scary enough lol), but I have a good friend that’s very much into spooky season, so I try to be enthusiastic when I can. I guess a lot of my “meh” about it comes from having zero traditions that I look forward to during this time in the year. I’ve only gone trick or treating ONE TIME in my life lol. I was in elementary school – fifth grade, maybe? My mom bought me a witch costume, put lipstick on random parts of my face (ooh, scary!!!), and I went around the neighborhood with my best friend at the time. I believe she was dressed as an angel? We took her dogs with us – two chihuahuas – and they were dressed up to coordinate with our costumes lol. I don’t really remember that night too much more than that, but I’m assuming I had fun lol. Other than that, my only other significant spooky season memories were in college when I helped put together some haunted houses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I did go to the mall yesterday — literally just to get food court chinese food — and there was a random person with a Michael Myers mask on carrying a fake (????) knife, with the Halloween theme song playing out of a speaker they had, walking through the mall (???). So I’m counting that as my Halloween moment for this year lol. I do have this playlist that’s GREAT for spooky season, though. So I’ll be listening to that today to extend the spookiness.

I’ve listened to A LOT of albums this week. Well, not a LOT but…four lol. Latrell James’s Under (2020), Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun, Wings’s Band on the Run (1973), and Freddie Gibbs’s Piñata. And I don’t typically listen to that many new albums (read: albums that are new to me or new in general) in a week, so I feel like I’ve been listening to new music all week. And they’ve all had a different feeling to them, which I’ve enjoyed. Some oldies have slipped in this week as well, though. So it’s been a nice mix of new and old; so this Top 5 will be as well!

“Bag Lady” and “Time’s A Wastin'” – Erykah Badu

I really can’t get enough of these two songs. The reality is that I’ve been listening to these two songs more than any other song the past 3 days. The version of “Bag Lady” that’s on Mama’s Gun isn’t the version of the song I’m used to; the Cheeba Sac Radio Edit version of the song is the one I believe plays on the radio, whenever I’ve heard this song before listening to Mama’s Gun. So it was a little bit different of an experience listening to it on the album, where it feels a little more stripped down. But I am so in love with this version of the song. I feel like it fits the atmosphere of the track so much better – but for the radio, I get the other version being the one that was preferred. It’s so wild to me to be listening to a song that I’ve heard basically all my life – but never gave a whole bunch of attention – so much now. As for “Time’s A Wastin'”- That BRIDGEEEEEEE has been ascending me to new heights of life, since I heard it for the first time!!!!!! I mean, come ON!!!!! It’s so perfect!!! Mama’s Gun is so perfect. You can read my thoughts on the album here. I’m so excited to own a copy; it really can’t get here fast enough.

“Caught Out There” – Kelis

LOL so I really wasn’t feeling this song the first time I heard it. I liked the verses fine enough, but the chorus just wasn’t it. And that was an unfortunate feeling because everywhere I turned (after deciding that I was going to spend the rest of my life being a Kelis stan), people were fawning over this song. And I just wasn’t connecting with it that way. BUT. For some reason, it’s been really stuck in my head the past couple days, so I re-listened to it, and now I really like it lol. I think it also helped to watch the music video. It helped pull everything together for me. I still don’t think it’s her strongest track, but it’s good!

“The Samo” – Latrell James

So. After re-visiting Still (2019) before doing the First Listen for Latrell’s Under (2020), I was reminded that “The Samo” existed and that I really like this song lol. It’s a really chill track; the production is great on here. Not really sure why I wasn’t bumping this song more before, but I’m planning on making up for lost time now. Also…we’re 2 for 2 on the Latrell James write ups! He liked the one for Under and thanked me for writing about him — “forever grateful” in his words. I………STAN!!!!!!!!

“Victory” – N.E.R.D

I don’t know why this N.E.R.D song in particular has been hitting this week, but it has lol. It’s another one that really benefits from being easily stuck in my head; in particular, it’s the “the limit is the sky” line. It’s at the apex of the track and really gives you that “wow, I can do anything!” feeling. Plus, I think it sounds a lot like “the lemon in the sky,” so I’ve decided that’s an inside joke I’m gonna have with myself (to add to the dozens that I already have). You can join in on the fun lol.

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