DISCOVER WEEKLY #12 (ft. Clairmont the Second and Lute)

So…it’s Election Day. I am very much on edge for what may or may not happen within the next 24 hours. Between listening to Xavier Omär‘s “Protect” an abhorrent amount of times, I’ve been listening to Death’s “Politicians In My Eyes” just as much. I just……hope everything ends up being ok lol. I’ve been doing a lot of research on what exactly the Electoral College does (because I either forgot about it from elementary school or I wasn’t really taught it that well), and now that I understand that process, I’m even more on edge. I’m working on being more optimistic, so I’m just gonna sprinkle in some good vibes for today. Let’s move on before my anxiety starts acting up.

Disclaimer: these are from last week lol – didn’t post it for Latrell James-related reasons.

It’s Not How It Sounds (2020)

I haven’t listened to a lot of Clairmont the Second’s music, but after listening to “Dream” and “Flame Princess, I was interested in hearing a full project from him. I was having trouble sleeping a few nights ago (it’s really just a running gag in my life at this point lol), so I decided to check out It’s Not How It Sounds.

It wasn’t a bad project at all, but I will say that I DIDN’T expect it to sound the way that it did. After hearing “Dream,” along with having heard “Flame Princess,” I expected something a little less rappy and more jazzy. I’m actually working on a playlist right now and Mick Jenkins’s “Carefree” just came on – that’s the type of vibe I was expecting to get on It’s Not How It Sounds. Really a lesson in not going into projects with expectations.

It’s possible, though, that what I heard is Clairmont’s usual song style, so my expectations were potentially (and probably) unfounded from the jump. I did like his flow; the production was interesting to listen to, and it’s clear that he’s confident in his ability to put a song together. It’s very short – only about 24 minutes – but it’s a decent listen.

West 1996, Pt. 2 (2017)

I was watching Lute’s video on his anxiety, etc. a couple months ago and promised myself that I would check out his solo music at some point. For some reason, I thought he had released a project since West 1996, Pt.2 but I guess not? Either way, I enjoyed it. Not seeing it in my rotation though.

I feel like it has classic Dreamville vibes – jazzy instrumentals, vulnerable lines about family, solid flow. I loved the sample of Hiroshi Suzuki’s “Romance” on “Home.” It just didn’t make me feel like it was knocking my metaphorical wig off like I expected it to. I’m listening to “GED” right now, though, and I’m really liking it. Potentially more than everything from West 1996, Pt. 2.


Sango popped up on my Release Radar this week with “Maluco,” which I enjoyed. Sango is super talented and has never let me down, so I’m not surprised to have liked this so much. Ooh, we love new music. Deante’ Hitchcock and Guapdad 4000’s “Déjà Vu” was nice as well; Guapdad was kinda serving us 6LACK on this which I loved. I saw a new Jeezy track on my Release Radar playlist, and I HAD to hear it. I didn’t listen to a lot of Jeezy growing up, but there was no way you could live in Georgia (near Atlanta, in particular) in the early 2000s, be Black, and not have had Jeezy be a pretty significant part of your life. So so soooo many hits. “Back” with Yo Gotti was really good.

Anderson .Paak’s “JEWELZ” was on my Discover Weekly playlist last week, but I didn’t listen to it for unknown reasons, but I’m very much happy that I decided to give it a listen this week. I was doing some research on my laptop when it came on, and I had to stop and let my shoulders just groove because I couldn’t focus lol. I’m assuming Masego is working on a project, and it’s feeling like it’s going to have a different vibe than Lady Lady (2018) and Loose Thoughts (2016). Both of those lean very much into a more jazz, hip hop, and R&B feel, but after listening to “Passport” a couple weeks ago and listening to “Silver Tongue Devil” last week, it feels like we’re getting a little more of an expanded, global sound. Which is very exciting to hear. Both of those previous projects are great in their own right, but I’m happy to hear Masego playing around with his sound a little more. Quandry’s “1:04 PM” had a nice vibe. It feels like a song that would play at the beginning of a coming of age film lol. I think it’s the guitar-heavy production. I liked it! I’ve never heard any from Natia before, but “Renaissance Forever” was good; I loved the production on it, and Natia’s flow is good and very LA. We all loved KYLE and Lil Yachty’s “iSpy,” and I expected to thoroughly enjoy “Hey Julie!” just as much. It was good, but it was obvious that they were shooting for another “iSpy,” and that kind of threw it off a bit for me. The chorus was definitely catchy, but it didn’t hit me the same way the chorus for “iSpy” does, so I’m not surprised that there wasn’t as much buzz around this song. They’re a really good duo, though. I’m currently halfway through Ariana Grande’s Positions (2020), and it’s not bad so far. I’ve never listened to a full Ariana project before – for non music-related reasons – so I went into this with zero expectations other than the maybe 5 or 6 songs from her that I’ve heard. There are a few songs I like more than others, but she sounds good and sounds like she’s having fun here. Planning on listening to the rest of it later.

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