First Listen #44: Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Good News’

WOW. It’s been so LONG since I’ve written on thursday email! I’ve been taking a much needed break to work on some other things, including FINALLY getting my driver’s license and applying to graduate school. With my attention span being built up the way it is, there was NO WAY that I’d be able to do all of that and keep up with this. So I made some sacrifices lol. But I’m BACK. During my hiatus, I was soooo disconnected from anything that wasn’t Tiktok, but I did happen to find out that Megan thee Stallion dropped a project, and I figured that it was finally my time to listen to a full project from Miss Meg. She’s been someone that I’ve admired from afar but engaged very little with musically. I tried to listen to some of Fever (2019) last year, but I wasn’t really feeling it. That didn’t stop me from deciding to stan Meg forever, though. BUT I really wanted to get into her music, and I figured Good News (2020) was the time for me to give my love for Meg a boost.

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2020: Good News

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And Good News held up to expectations VERY WELL. And I’m so so happy about that lol. I was trying to figure out the best way to describe this album, and I ended up settling on “fun.” It’s an extremely fun project to listen to. Meg gives us the album that I think we all need after a year of BS. Her lines and bars are sexy, clever and confident, the features match her energy, and the production is fiery and bright. All from jump.

Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch

I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how to live

Wack hoes hate under my pictures on the ‘Gram

Bitch, you better hope I never run across your man, uh

Megan thee Stallion, “Girls in the Hood”

I LOVED LOVED LOVEDDDDDD how she immediately goes in on T*ry Lanez’s LIFE on “Shots Fired.” It felt like she was letting us know that this was the one and only time she was addressing him on the album and that this was her shit. Her flow and production on “Circles” was fantastic. I’m not a big Drake fan (it leans very much into dislike lol), but I wouldn’t hate him on a remix to this AT ALL. It reminded me a lot of some of his songs, and I feel like his energy on this would round it out really well. I was a little irritated that we were getting the same flow from Dababy on “Cry Baby,” BUT I got over it and really enjoyed it after the first 15 seconds. “Do It on the Tip” was one of my FAVORITE songs on the project. You can hear how much fun Meg and the City Girls were having, while rapping on this. Meg’s “bitches thinkin’ they the shit when they really toilet water” line really GOT ME. And like…how can you not have that chorus stuck in your head forever???? This was also my first time listening to City Girls (I know…I know lol), and I really enjoyed JT and Yung Miami on this.

“Freaky Girls” was another one that I really enjoyed. I would have LOVED a SZA verse on this, but I liked her a lot on the hook. I’m slightly obsessed with Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me,” so this song had me from jump. My countless hours scrolling through Tiktok have made it impossible to not hear 30 seconds of “Body” at least once per 20 minutes lol. It was another strong catalyst for me wanting to listen to Meg’s project; I was hoping that the rest of “Body” would be just as good as the “All them bitches scary cats, I call ’em Carole Baskins” line from the snippets on Tiktok. And it was lol. I watched the music video, because…..HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS IN IT??? And I loved all the different cameos in it. Meg gave the girls WALK, knees, and BAWDDDDYYYY. Loved it. “What’s New” was also really good. I like the chorus on it and the production is good. I do these workout videos in the morning and on one of them some weeks ago, “Savage Remix” played, and I was in love lol. I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan at all but I love the two of them together on this. “Outside” was another one of my favorites. I DID NOT expect the production that this song gave. Juicy J gave us something really good with this one. Meg’s flow on this was also perfect. I hate the ending, though. It’s one of those songs that NEEDS a few seconds where the production lingers, but it ends abruptly, and that irritated me a lot the first time I heard it.

“Don’t Rock Me to Sleep” was the stand out for me, though. It was one that I had heard from another Tiktok video where someone was saying that they wanted something different from Meg, but this song wasn’t it. But I really liked the little I heard lol, and I like it a lot more after hearing the rest. Like…I don’t hate this song for her! Catchy chorus, some vocals from Meg. The only thing missing is a Weeknd verse. I think that could really set the song OFF. Some folks in the comments on the lyric page on Genius said Doja Cat could be a good addition too, but I don’t know about all that lol. Weeknd is what is needed on this. This is going to be the hidden gem on the project; it seems like a lot of people aren’t really feeling it because it isn’t typical Meg. But those are the same people who wanted her to switch it up…so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s dope to me.

Along with the songs I didn’t mention, Good News is a solid project! The songs are great (so many samples!) and Meg gives us some fire bars on this. One thing that I’ve noticed about Meg (that she gives us with this project too) is that she makes it clear she isn’t in the game by herself. I feel like we’ve been conditioned to see female rappers by themselves, unless they’re collabing with men, and Meg turns that around. She had “WAP” with Cardi B, a few songs with women on Good News, the cameos in the”Body” video. I’m only a baby Meg fan, so I don’t have a lot more examples lol, but I’m glad that Meg talks the talk and walks the walk. She doesn’t let her rhetoric about female empowerment end with her words; she seems to actively do that work with her actions as well. And I love that.

Man, Meg is great. I’m gonna give some more of her music a listen; I’m very much ready to become a true Hottie!

real hot girl shit.

Overall Project Rating

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(listen to Good News on Spotify by clicking the image below)

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