Happy Tuesday! Woke up feeling good; my cat didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, so I felt pretty rested. I learned recently that you can make oatmeal in the rice cooker (????), so I’ve been doing that the past couple of mornings – so good! I’m not very good at cooking oatmeal on the stove, so I’m glad that this little hack exists, so I can have perfect oatmeal whenever I want. My mom and I bought a big container of it from Sam’s Club a few months ago, and it still exists in the spot on the counter that it’s been in since we brought it home lol. So now that I have this rice cooker hack, oatmeal will be ATE.

Only singles today; I didn’t have any smaller projects in mind for today. But I saw that Masego dropped Studying Abroad (2020) not too long ago, so I’m gonna hit that up next week.

First up: “Christmas Blues” with Sabrina Claudio and The Weeknd. I didn’t know what to expect from a Christmas song with Abel, and I didn’t hate it. I actually smiled a little bit when he did his little vocalization before coming in for his verse; it wasn’t a super Christmas-y song, but it wasn’t bad. Next for the Christmas vibes was JMSN’s “Christmas Time is Here,” which gave me STRONG “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” by John Lennon vibes. I first heard that song in elementary school; I have no clue why that song was being played to a room full of kids, but I really love it. And JMSN’s track gives me the same kind of energy; I haven’t looked into the story behind “Christmas Time is Here” yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was inspired very heavily by Lennon’s track (edit: I haven’t found anything about it in my search, so I might just have to ask him directly and see if he responds!). Because they sound so similar. I liked it! I HAD to listen to Saba’s “So and So” next – SO short, but really good. I’m making a little playlist of songs to drive to, and it will DEFINITELY BE ON THERE. It’s a super smooth track, and I love hearing Saba on lighter tracks; he exists in a current state of CARE FOR ME (2018) in my mind, so hearing him outside of that makes me very happy. Lil Yachty’s “Flex Up” with Playboi Carti and Future played after “So and So,” and WOW lol such a different vibe. I liked it, though. It got my shoulders MOVING.

OMB Bloodbath’s “My Dad’s Fault” with Aaron May was nice; I think I like the chorus better than the rest of the song; the production was good, too. Goldlink’s “Best Rapper in the Fuckin World” was pretty good as well; I wish it didn’t sound so lo-fi – that’s kinda keeping it out of my Spotify library, but I might give it another shot. Kaleb Mitchell and Xavier Omär’s “FOOL” was nice; I couldn’t really make out Xavier’s part (I feel like I heard him at one point, but I wasn’t sure it was him – so used to his voice sticking out a lot more than it did on this track). Good nonetheless, though. I saw Black Coffee’s “10 Missed Calls” had Pharrell in it and quickly added that to the queue – he was RIGHT at the beginning of the song. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be a song I either liked A LOT or didn’t like at all, and it’s leaning into me liking it a lot, but I’m still a little unclear. So I’m probably gonna have to revisit this one some more. Wes Period’s “Dig It (Remix)” with Duckwrth was cool; I love hearing Duckwrth on more rock-leaning tracks – reminds me a little bit of “SOPRANO” from THE FALLING MAN (2019) and “100 DAYS” from I’M UUGLY (2017). I liked Mick Jenkin’s “Smoking Song” – in my mind this was gonna sound like “Cigarette Song” by Raury lol but it’s definitely not that. It’s giving jazz club – especially with the saxophone solos. I think I like “Gray Area” with KAYTRANADA better. “CLOUD” by Monsune was very groovy – I really like this track. Unusual Demont’s “Amber” made me realize that I’ve never heard a bad song that had a person’s name as a song title – “Roxanne” by The Police, “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas, “Mary-Anne” and “Emma” by Hot Chocolate, Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson….all GREAT tracks! “Amber” is as well.

“Matthew in the Middle” with Sean Leon and Daniel Caesar was nice – Daniel was great on the chorus. I listen to Jordan Ward‘s “Slide” all the time, and I think “Okok (Hibachi)” has pushed me to want to listen to all of Valley Hopefuls (2019) because they’re both such good songs. “My Flowers” by Tkay Maidza was cool – it has a really nice vibe. “Penelope Freestyle” by Babyfather has a sample in it that I immediately recognized as MISS KELIS’S “FLASH BACK” FROM TASTY (2003) and Wanderland (2001). I had high hopes for this song off the strength of the sample, but um…I didn’t like it lol. “No Más!” by Grip reminds me a lot of J. Cole and Caleborate – I think it’s the voice and the flow. Very nice – a song for the summertime. Currently trying to figure out what the sample is because I really like it. I think I like the production on Rejjie Snow’s “The Rain” with Cam O’bi and Krondon better than the verses. The verses weren’t bad, but I feel like I expected a little more with production like this. Same with keiyaA’s “I! Gits! Weary!” – I feel like my expectations were at a certain place and the song didn’t really reach that. It wasn’t bad though!

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