My Favorites of All Time #21: My 2020 Spotify Wrapped

It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these, so I figured what a better way to bring it back than to reminisce over my favorite songs this year! I always look forward to seeing my Spotify Wrapped. It’s cute, simple, well laid-out. It’s such a nice way to end the year, and it’s become a bit of a tradition for me. Whoever came up with the idea deserves to have nothing but great days for the rest of their life lol.

Here’s what we’re working with:

I’m not at all surprised at who ended up in my Top 5 this year – especially the top spot. I knew for sure that The Weeknd, N.E.R.D, and Kelis were going to be on there, and when I saw Denzel Curry and Orion Sun on there, it made sense after a little soul-searching. I forgot how much I listened to TABOO (2018) and Hold Space for Me (2020) this year. Lots of garlic was chopped to “PERCS” and “VENGEANCE” lol. I’m very happy to see Kelis up there, though lol. I have worked really hard over the past couple of months to become a Kelis stan, and it looks like it paid off! I believe Denzel was also in my top 5 last year (along with Tyler the Creator, IDK, Juto, and Kanye West — they all dropped projects last year lol)

I….don’t recall listening to Abel for 4400 minutes this year lol, but I guess time flies when you’re listening to After Hours (2020) for the 200th time. I fall more and more in love with that project every time I listen to it. Abel also just has such a SOLID discography! Trilogy (2012) has been my “in the car” background music for the past couple of weeks; it’s my go-to album when I’m in the mood to shout lyrics at the top of my lungs. Not surprised to see what my top genres have been this year – these are very much the genres that I reach to the most.

331 is a lot of new people! 75 new genres is A LOT of genres. And I think I have thursday email to thank for that lol. I’ve been using my time on this blog to expand my musical range this year, and all of the First Listens and Bite-Sized Album Reviews have given me the opportunity to surround myself with some new folks (edit: now that I’m thinking about it, the Discover Weeklys probably ran the score up a lot as well). In total, according to Spotify, I’ve listened to 1,350 artists this year – a nice round number! I can’t pinpoint what those 75 new genres are, though lol. So I’d like Spotify to add a feature in the future that tells you the top 5 new genres you listened to, so I can find more stuff similar.

I was surprised (but delighted) to see Orion Sun’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas” as my top song this year. I went on Last.FM to check to see how close the songs in my top 5 were, and there’s only about 10 songs in between them, so it’s possible that things will change before the end of the year. I’m a little disappointed to not see Latrell James’s “Grateful” in there, but it’s very close (#7 I think) – so it’s still in the top 10. It’s kinda hilarious to me that my top decade was the 2000s lol, but it definitely makes sense. Miss Kelis has been on replay for months, Mama’s Gun (2000) is one of my recent favorites, I did a Week Fulla 00s R&B a few weeks back, and I always listen to my double 0s playlist during my morning workout. So all of that put together equals a lot of Soulja Boy and Ne-Yo lol.

I have some stuff planned for later this month (leading into the end of the year), so I’m gonna leave things at this so I don’t end up repeating things. BUT I’m ready to spend the rest of this month revisiting some of the music that got me through this year. Hopefully that will help bring some good vibes into 2021.

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