DISCOVER WEEKLY #14 (ft. Masego and Love Mansuy)

It’s a beautiful early December day today. My cat has left me alone for a pretty decent chunk of the day, after running WILD around my head while I was finishing up my workout this morning. Currently watching re-runs of Hell’s Kitchen, while scrolling through my Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.

Let’s get into it.

Studying Abroad (2020)

After listening to a couple of the singles from this project, I was very excited to finally listen to Studying Abroad. It was clear from how far he reached from his typical sound that this was going to be Masego experimenting a little bit. And he really gives us some good stuff on this one.

There’s still a lot of typical Masego sound on here, especially towards the end. But he really plays with the “studying abroad” idea on the first half. The Eastern and Western sounds on here blend SO WELL, and Masego sounds right at home in that mix. I’m a big BIG fan of “Mystery Lady” with Don Toliver. I was hoping that this project was going to be a little bit longer, but hopefully that means we get another project from him soon.

Of Age (2019)

I get emails from Vinyl Me Please as a part of my subscription and Love Mansuy’s Of Age was one of the album’s VMP was advertising as a new addition to the online store. And just look at that baby on the front! How could I not listen to this project??? So cute! It’s a really good project. It’s very short, but Love Mansuy uses his time wisely.

I’ve never listened to anything from Love Mansuy before, so I don’t know if this is a similar sound across all of his projects, but this one gives me VERY strong Frank Ocean vibes. Like Blonde (2016) Frank. There’s a little bit of Coloring Book (2016) Chance the Rapper on here, too. Very airy and nostalgic; the colors on the project cover really sum up the overall feel of it very well. It’s a really personal project about parenthood and love and growing up. I found a couple of goodies on here that made it to my Spotify library, so I might be hitting this one up again (in full) soon.

OTHER STUFF (short this week ’cause I’m behind on things lol)

I loved the production and Amine‘s flow on “Mrs. Clean.” Steve Lacy’s “Donchano” sounds very familiar, and since it seems like he just had all of his loosies pulled together into one project, I’m almost positive I’ve heard it before. Loved it either way. I almost DIED seeing that Saba and Tobi Lou were on a song together – though they teased a collab a while ago – I just….SHOOK. And “Areyoudown? Pt. II” was CUTE. It was like when one of your good friends meets another one of your good friends, and they V I B E. I don’t know why there’s a remix of the Reese’s Puff rap with Lil Yachty…but like…they can take it back lol. And it’s very disrespectful that it popped up on my Release Radar lol – did Spotify think I’d like that? What a way to end!

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