Top 20 Albums of 2020 #20-16

I’ve listened to a BUNCH of albums this year – 80 new albums, plus my mainstays that have been listened to a bunch in 2020. So it’s probably close to 100! I was originally going to go through and do a countdown of all of the albums I listened to this year, but like…lol who’s gonna do all that?????? So instead, I went through my Last.FM, Spotify, and my mind to come up with my top 20 albums of the year. Every Thursday for the remainder of the year, I’ll be counting down my favorite albums of the year, sharing the articles I wrote about them, and sharing why these albums have meant so much to me this year. So, without further ado, here’s the first group of albums.

#20 – Trilogy (2012) by The Weeknd

I didn’t do a write up on Trilogy this year (because I’ve been listening to this album for 8 years lol), but I’ve found myself having SO many singalongs to The Weeknd’s music this year. He has such a solid discography that it’s so easy for me to get lost in his music. So this is a shout out to every time I’ve taken 2 hours out of my day this year to cry-sing to Abel’s music. Which has happened more times than I’d like to admit.

#19 – Spilligion (2020) by Spillage Village

This was such a great project. I haven’t listened to the songs from this album much since doing the write-up for it, but for me, the circumstances behind the folks in Spillage Village making this project (and the overall feel of the album) are so 2020. Being stuck in the house together allowed them a closeness that provided them the perfect opportunity to create something special. And I think the overall religious undertones on the project speak to the hope that we’ve all been searching for at different parts in the year. If there was a time capsule made that would encompass what 2020 was, I’d throw this album in.

#18 – Legends Never Die (2020) by Juice WRLD

I had no intentions on paying this project that much attention. Seeing the limited edition copies of the pink and purple variants of the record go on sale in the summer was supposed to be my chance to trade it for an album I wanted more. But after deciding that this was the perfect opportunity to actually see what Juice WRLD left behind, I found one of my favorite projects of the year. I hate that I didn’t get the chance to listen to Juice’s music more before he died; it’s clear from this collection that he was such a talented artist and had so much more to give the world. “Tell Me You Luv Me,” “Smile,” “Come & Go,” and “Bad Energy” have stayed in circulation throughout the year, and my Legends Never Die record remains a proud member of my record collection.

#17 – MAGDALENE (2019) by FKA Twigs

Many daydreams this year have been set to Twigs’s MAGDALENE. The way she was able to take her rough experiences with love and turn them into an album dedicated to the strength and resilience of women that’s often pushed to the side was *chef’s kiss*. Like….WOW. Every song on here is a masterpiece.

#16 – Because the Internet (2013) by Childish Gambino

This is one of those timeless albums for me. Spending so much time by myself for the past 8 months has found me spending random moments feeling like an outsider in my own life. And Because the Internet reached out, patted me on the back, and told me “I understand.” Bino put SO MUCH into this project and showed us how well he could connect all of his passions, giving us an album, screenplay, and prequel to tell a complete story about loneliness, love, depression, anxiety, and relationships. He’s a master of his craft. Truly. We love Donald Glover in this house. Plus, with that scam from earlier in the year, how could this album NOT end up in my top 20???

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