Top 20 Albums of 2020 #15-11

Here we are with the next part of the Top 20 Albums of 2020 countdown. As I mentioned last week, I’ve listened to a BUNCH of albums this year – 80+ new albums, plus my mainstays. So we’re really close to 100. I was originally going to go through and do a countdown of all of the albums I listened to this year, but like…lol who’s gonna do all that?????? So instead, I went through my Last.FM, Spotify, and my mind to come up with my top 20 albums of the year. Every Thursday for the remainder of the year, I’ll be counting down my favorite albums of the year, sharing the articles I wrote about them, and sharing why these albums have meant so much to me this year. This set is interesting because NONE OF THEM are from this year lol. I didn’t realize until I started writing that albums 15-11 are all pre-2020 albums. So I guess they were meant to be in the same group together. Let’s get into it.

#15 – MM…FOOD (2004) by MF DOOM

This has been my go-to record when I’m looking for something to listen to on my record player. I think it’s the combination of the music with the inserts of TV show and comic book snippets that makes this such an interesting record to listen to out loud (especially when I just need background noise). It almost feels like I’m watching a show on Netflix. The only thing I hate is that the project is so short, so there aren’t that many songs on each side of the LPs, and I feel like I’m getting up every 8 minutes to flip a record over or swap them out. But that hasn’t really stopped me at all. DOOM’s so talented, and I’m glad I got a chance to add this record to my collection.

#14 – Mama’s Gun (2000) by Erykah Badu

I am SO HAPPY I decided to listen to this. Because WOWOWOWOWOW, songs on Mama’s Gun quickly became a part of my daily rotation. I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I do. Honestly, during my Week Fulla Women in 00s R&B, the only project that made it into my musical consciousness was Kelis’s Wanderland (2001). The other projects were AMAZING; they just didn’t sit with me as long as I thought they were. Mama’s Gun came in and had me listening to “Bag Lady,” “Time’s A Wastin,” and “Didn’t Cha Know” on repeat for a week and a half (and at least once a day ever since). Miss Badu DID THAT on Mama’s Gun, and my copy of the Vinyl Me Please repress is gorgeous. I just put the print they included with the record on my wall, so now I get to fawn over Miss Badu every morning when I wake up like the goddess she is.

#13 – Awaken, My Love! (2016) by Childish Gambino

I talk about this in the First Listen for this album, but I HATE that I let someone convince me that it wasn’t worth listening to this project. It’s so disrespectful that it took me 4 YEARS to finally listen to this gem. Every song on here is perfection, and Donald shows us that he can do anything – he can go into a lane that’s completely different from where we are used to hearing him in and nail it. This project is groovy, nostalgic, short – all things I LOVE. His MINDDDDDDDDD!!! How does he do the things he does??? An icon. Truly.

#12 – …For the Whole World to See (2009) by Death

The entire Week Fulla Black Punk is a response to how much I loved this project. And listening to all of those Black punk bands and singers was one of my favorite moments of the year. This project made my inner angsty teenager so happy. I still have their documentary on my watchlist!

#11 – Lady Lady (2018) by Masego

This is another one of those projects that took me WAY TOO LONG to listen to with no real reason for it. But I’ve listened to this album so much, that I think I’ve made up for it. Every song on here is crafted so masterfully, and Masego wastes zero time and makes everyone moment on here count. And it’s just a fun project to listen to, especially during a year like this. Sometimes you just need to relax, move your shoulders around a little bit, and sing at the top of your lungs. Lady Lady is the perfect space to do that in.

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