vinyl library #10: n.e.r.d’s ‘nothing’

Right after finishing up the first vinyl library this week on The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness (2015), I found out that Showtime was going to air a 90 MINUTE documentary on Abel’s Super Bowl Halftime project later on in the year, and I’m SOOOO EXCITED. I’ve been trying to get into more music documentaries this year, and what better way to do that than to spend an hour and a half with my FAVE? So I’m definitely going to have to try to figure out how to watch it. BUT in the meantime, we have N.E.R.D. I was curious as to how long I’ve been listening to the group, and after checking Last.FM, it looks like it’s been almost 10 years (though I started my using Last.FM in 2012, so anything before that essentially doesn’t exist)! So I think I’m going to have to look through everyone I listen to and see what other 10-year listening anniversaries are coming up. With them and The Weeknd, it’s looking like I might need to buy a cake or something lol. And in the case of Pharrell, Chad, and Shay, I feel like I’ve been listening to them more over the past year or so than I was when I first started listening to them; a lot of that is because of my recent Kelis stanship lol. And an album of theirs that I’ve been getting into a lot lately is…

N.E.R.D’s Nothing (2010)

SIDE NOTE: Also, completely unrelated, but I’m watching the impeachment trial right now (working on these write-ups ahead of time because I’m speaking to a CLASS about my THESIS today! Actually, by the time this is up, I should be done – hopefully it went well lol), and these Tr*mp defense lawyers have me real HEATED right now. I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t be watching this, but I want to be informed. So now I’m angry, informed, and ready to pull my hair out. But they also have my laughing OUT LOUD because everything they are saying is so idiotic and ill-formed.

there are a few versions of this record. there’s the initial 2010 release that i can’t tell is standard black or not from what i can see on discogs, and then there are the two reissues from last year in standard black and the limited edition candy apple red, which is the version i have. (ignore the little lines in the record lmao that’s a sheet that i was laying it on that i couldn’t edit out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) also special shout out to pharrell’s neck tattoo on the cover of the album ❤

I would put Nothing in a similar place as Beauty Behind the Madness: towards the bottom of a very very strong discography. However, since I’ve been listening to this album a little more than usual – “Hypnotize U” and “Victory” have been on repeat a lot over the past few months – it may raise a place or two. Apparently this album, according to Pharrell, was supposed to be a sort of time capsule of 2010, but I don’t know if I see that. There’s not a lot about this project that feels nostalgic in that way, compared to No One Ever Really Dies released in 2017. No One directly takes on conversations around things like the 2017 political climate and police brutality that easily evoke images of what it felt like to live in America during that time. The entire project isn’t like this, but the themes are spread out across the album’s short runtime. Nothing feels a little more loosey goosey in theme and subject matter. But, I will say that the album – like a lot of N.E.R.D’s work – feels timeless. It could be a project from the future or from the past, and I think that’s the main strength of the project. And of N.E.R.D. You could put them anywhere at any time, and they would fit right in; their musical style is so wide-reaching that it’s impossible to call them anything but completely transcendent.

In other vinyl news, some of my pre-orders that I placed last year are coming in soon – just got my Tyler the Creator “Peach Fuzz”/Prophet “Wanna Be Your Man” peach picture disc a couple of days ago – so those will be making an appearance over the next few weeks!

Lil’ Facts

Officially became a part of the collection on December 14, 2020

Bought from:

Urban Legends

(still available on there!)

Year of Original Album Release: 2010

Runtime: 36 minutes

Discogs Release Page

Jacket Style: Single

Format: 2LP

Lowest Price on Discogs (as of 02/12/21): $40.94

Highest Price on Discogs (as of 02/12/21): $70.00

Record Player Set Up Specs:

Turntable: Audio Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Automatic Bluetooth Turntable in Black (from Turntable Lab)

Speakers: Edifier R1280DB Powered Speakers in Black (from Turntable Lab)

My Record Collection (via Discogs)

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