About Thursday Email

Thursday Email started off as an actual email that was sent on Thursdays. A year ago, I made the questionable decision to be my college’s student body president. Beyond all the added stress and increased thoughts of dropping out, this position granted me the high honor of sending an email out to the student body every Thursday with student-led events that were coming up and other general college news. As a part of that email, I’d include a list and links to different songs that I had been listening to during the week. 4 or 5 songs that I thought were bomb and that I wanted to use my presidential power to force onto my fellow students. People really took to it, and I still get compliments on my music selection to this day. At the same time I was sending emails on Thursdays, I was writing my thesis on Chicago hip hop. After graduating from college, I missed the act of engaging with music beyond listening to it. So I started Thursday Email in December 2019 as both a creative outlet and an act of holding myself accountable to writing.

My hope is that this platform can turn into one where a community of writers and creators can come together and create together. I love the idea of a creative community, so I’ll just be over here manifesting that 🙂 ❤

Thank you for reading,

About Tamar

Pronouns: she/her

Other than that my name is pronounced Tammer (not Tay-mar or any other Braxton-esque name), I’m an avid music listener (hip hop being my genre of choice) and writer (if I can call myself that lol). I’m a Virgo – sun, moon, and rising – and I spend my time (outside of writing) reading, eating copious amounts of chips and salsa, reflecting on past trauma, and learning the lyrics to all of my favorite songs. You can email me at tamar@thursdayemail.com.

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