First Listen #22: Sephyr Patriq’s ‘Departure 1989’

“If you’re not living in a way that makes you happy, then why are you living?” Sephyr Patriq, "FITAMOLD" I did a lot of research on house music while I was writing my senior thesis (on Chicago hip hop) for my undergraduate degree last year. Without giving you an entire decades-long backstory on the genre's creation, … Continue reading First Listen #22: Sephyr Patriq’s ‘Departure 1989’

First Listen #10: Childish Gambino’s ‘3.15.20’ After promises and promises, here we are to talk about the greatness that is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Earn from Atlanta. I think we all know how talented Donald is. He's a singer, rapper, comedian, screenplay-writer (we canNOT forget about the because the internet screenplay), director, actor, father, and all around fantastic … Continue reading First Listen #10: Childish Gambino’s ‘3.15.20’